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The Vast Expanse

With all that I am merging into this version of Star Frontiers – elements of Other Suns, Alternity Star*Drive, and Shatterzone, I needed an area of space connected to my new Frontier map that allowed for many of the potential minor

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The War Years 2: Mission to Alpha Dawn

BASICS/PULL If the same group: After safely returning with Ilder, the PCs are soon briefed into a new mission.  Balrom Ilder’s mind has been picked by Star Law & Fleet psi-interogators.  All the information he knows about the planet Alpha

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The Yernoid (rewrite)

Yernoids are man-sized bipedal reptilian creatures (smaller versions of the Eorna) which have developed a rudimentary intelligence which include tool and weapon making. These creatures usually roam in the caves and underground of the badlands.  They are sensitive to light. 

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12.5 – The Volturnus Saga: Session 1 through 12 Review

The Beginning The campaign started on New Pale (Truane’s Star System, Frontier), a world recovering from war of extreme racial tension between pro-human supremacists and a multicultural military state. Hired by a secret coalition of mega-corporations along with the planetary

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Savage Reich Star: New trilogy in the works – Fallen Angels

I have been trying to hammer out a sequel to the previous trilogy of adventures in Savage Reich Star.   There is so much material left to cover that I have always thought I could up with at least one more

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04a – The War of the Pales

Drawing from the The Volturnus Connection, Building background for the Volturnus campaign by Stephen Bonario in Dragon Magazine, #98, pg. 71 as well as other resources and marrying them with the changes I have made to the setting, I decided to write a further

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03a – S’saran Historical Addendum

The S’saran are from Skaras, a planet hundreds of lights years away from the Frontier, on the other side of what is thought to be Sathar space.  The S’saran war with the Sathar invaders ended with the destruction of their

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00a – Crash on Volturnus Enhanced Introduction

Timeline of events c. 1100 – Sathar invasion of Volturnus begins. 2115 (5 FY) – A pathway through the the Pronus Fingers of the Xagyg Dust Nebula charted by robotic drones, as part of an operation headed by Professor Alorne

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A Requiem for Runcible: Order within Chaos version

Chapter 8: A Requiem for Runcible landed on a Friday the 13th in October for me, so I decided to make it a little more creepy.  It was an interesting challenge to take some that is light heartedly creepy and make

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The Orbs story arch

A number of Orbs are joining together to form {SOMETHING} #1 found in the possession of a Draconum techno-mage, corrupting batteries to rebuild an old Golem army. #2 found in the possession of the High Elf leading the Agronak Paladins of the

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