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05 – Volturnus: Crashlanding, Abandoned Colony & Attack from Above

The abandoned colony, mysterious followers, indigenous creatures and pirates attack from above. Share List

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04 – Serena Dawn: Crystal Mystery & Pirates

The crystal derelict space station, pirates and crystal entity. Share List

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03 – Serena Dawn: Through Oblivion

Seven crew and 5 passengers bound for Volturnus.  What could go wrong? Mutiny, betrayal, and space krakens! (No pictures, total theater of the mind session). Share List

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02 – New Pale: The Rescue

“Nox” the Dralasite was kidnapped by the HUSPs and the Authority was mounting a rescue mission (mostly because of concern for what the Dralasite knows about the Volturnus mission).  The Authority gained some intelligence indicating the terrorists had the Dralasite

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01 – New Pale: The Job & The Conveniently Random Attack

The United Government of Truane’s Star along with Streel Corporation have hired the group for a covert planetary survey and rescue mission.  The UPF must not know.  (Unfortunately, they know and have a mole within the party). Someone else does

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00 – Character Generation Session

Party Formation Prerequisites: All party members will have a reason to leave the Frontier.  It can be for a dark reason, an adventurous reason or anything in between.  They just need to want to leave the region and go elsewhere

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Session 20.0: The Mansion, Gatehouse, and the Tomb

The heroes finally reach Arnon Reed’s mansion, and face off against the robots of Runcible.  They find a teleport  pad that is supposed to lead them the Gatehouse, which ends up taking them into the catacombs of an underground labyrinth. 

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Session 19.0: Battle for Fort Skull Fire

The Cult of the Endless Night return to take back the Fort of Skill Fire.  A major battle ensues. Share List

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Session 18.0: Fort Skull Fire

DATE: 2017.08.11 Buying Raz time to track down the location of the last surviving fort of the Shield of the Gods, the party prepared for the return of the Cult of the Long Night.  The outpost they currently resided in

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Session 16.5 Horde from Tanbrel

Hoard #1 Magic Items Portable Hole (20000 gp) Psionic Items Heavy Steel Shield (Medium) (+1 shield, Ranged) (Exhausting curse) (4170 gp) Power Stone (Share Pain (150 gp)) (total 150 gp) Chaositech Items Brain Serum (1000 gp) Salvage 26 x Artisan’s

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