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08 – Volturnus: Rejoin the One Way

After the fiasco at the Scale Game of the Ul-Mor, the Ul-Mor voiced sincere fear that the party represented Bad Luck and were out of sync with the Oneness.  The Ul-Mor decide that in order for the party to join

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06 – Volturnus: Across the Desert & Ruins of Crystal City

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07 – Volturnus: Ul-Mor Trials

The Test of Truth and the Death Pit Fields of the Ul-Mor. Share List

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05 – Volturnus: Crashlanding, Abandoned Colony & Attack from Above

The abandoned colony, mysterious followers, indigenous creatures and pirates attack from above. Share List

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04 – Serena Dawn: Crystal Mystery & Pirates

The crystal derelict space station, pirates and crystal entity. Share List

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03 – Serena Dawn: Through Oblivion

Seven crew and 5 passengers bound for Volturnus.  What could go wrong? Mutiny, betrayal, and space krakens! (No pictures, total theater of the mind session). Share List

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02 – New Pale: The Rescue

“Nox” the Dralasite was kidnapped by the HUSPs and the Authority was mounting a rescue mission (mostly because of concern for what the Dralasite knows about the Volturnus mission).  The Authority gained some intelligence indicating the terrorists had the Dralasite

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01 – New Pale: The Job & The Conveniently Random Attack

The United Government of Truane’s Star along with Streel Corporation have hired the group for a covert planetary survey and rescue mission.  The UPF must not know.  (Unfortunately, they know and have a mole within the party). Someone else does

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00 – Character Generation Session

Party Formation Prerequisites: All party members will have a reason to leave the Frontier.  It can be for a dark reason, an adventurous reason or anything in between.  They just need to want to leave the region and go elsewhere

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Session 20.0: The Mansion, Gatehouse, and the Tomb

The heroes finally reach Arnon Reed’s mansion, and face off against the robots of Runcible.  They find a teleport  pad that is supposed to lead them the Gatehouse, which ends up taking them into the catacombs of an underground labyrinth. 

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