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Fallen Angels 1: Child of the Angel (ConCarolinas 2019)

Date: June 1, 2019 This took me a while to finally get rolling again but I have a new three parter ready to run at the cons.  This one is a little accelerated because I already have all three mapped

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A Light in the Darkness (ConCarolinas 2019)

SYSTEM:  Call of Cthulhu 7e DATE: May 31, 2019 This adventure was recommended to me through the author on the CoC Facebook group.  I put out a call and two authors posted their adventures.  I bought both and picked this

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ConCarolinas 2019 / Deep South Con 57 thoughts, experiences & rebirth

I have a ton of thoughts swirling through my head about this past weekend.  ConCarolinas 2019 was a interesting for me.  ConCarolinas has been a whirlwind of emotions for me over the years.  My wife and I put 11 years

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