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Savage Masterdeck 02b: Subplot Cards (Top)

Alertness When this card is placed face up in front of a player’s character, that person has a special sixth sense outside of all other rules and roleplaying situations that will help him to spot a previously unseen item, character,

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Savage Masterdeck 04: Picture Cards

Also known as the jokers, the Picture Cards are special cards that can be used in several ways. When a character is dealt a particular picture card, it has the results described below. In Star Wars, they have specific meanings,

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Savage Masterdeck 02a: Enhancement Section (Top)

Updated for SWADE This section contains the information that players will use when they play their cards. All of the Enhancements and Subplots are explained in alphabetical order below. Action (!)  By playing an action card, the player gains +1 

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Savage Masterdeck 03: Initiative Section (Bottom)

 Updated to SWADE Initiative Effects There are four Initiative effects on each card, corresponding to the four suits of the Initiative Deck – Spades (♠), Hearts (♥), Diamonds (♦), and Clubs (♣).   These effects are applied to those with the

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Savage MasterDeck

MasterDeck conversion into Savage Worlds Introduction: The Method to My Madness The reasoning behind this is simple. To merge what I thought were the redeeming qualities of MasterBook into the Savage Worlds Game system.  It gives the Savage Worlds System

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Savage Masterdeck 01: Basics

The Deck If you have a standard Savage Masterdeck set, it is made up of 104 cards. Of these cards, 83 are Enhancement cards, 17 are Subplot cards, and 4 are picture cards.  All are used differently at some point

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Savage Shatterzone

After running classic Shatterzone, I realized I loved the setting more than the core rules system.  But I also loved the cards.  So I am designing a system for the cards in Savage Worlds and then poring everything else over

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A Restoration of Evil Rewrite – Agenda Cards

I found that the Call of Cthulhu A Restoration of Evil” mini-adventure, although perfect for a convention game, still did not convey enough about the cult.  In one instance, I am not sure the group completely understood that it was

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A Restoration of Evil Rewrite Pt 2

New Hook The Investigators are hired by Arkham Archeology Society and  sent to Red Hook because HORACE BAKER reported finding an artifact in the wreckage of the Park Place disaster.  When they arrive, they will find the door open and

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A Restoration of Evil Rewrite Pt 3

“Lilith left Adam after she refused to become subservient to him and then would not return to the Garden of Eden after she had coupled with the archangel Samael” – Wikipedia The Cult of Lillith – In the HPL story The Horror

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