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With their unbridled aggression and ferocity, the klick have been the most commonly encounter external for Fleet.  At first, they were thought to be a left over Sathar war beast but the Fleet Marines soon learned they were much more

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The first n’sss encountered appeared to be a remorseless warrior species completely integrated with similar technology that created both the kroath and the magus.  A n’sss  is contained within a bio-engineered pod that stands 8 to 12 feet tall and weighs

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Researchers theorize that the Magus are simply a specialized version of the Kroath – perhaps similarly selected from various conquered races and similarly grown.  Where the Kroath are brutes of fire power and battle prowess, the Magus (so named for

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All contact with the Kroath species has ended in violence.  All attempts to locate a kroath origins have been unsuccessful. It is theorized that the kroath are actually multiple humanoid creatures all genetically manipulated and grown for battle.  Much the

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The gardhyi (pronounced gar-DYE-ee) have been around for a long time. Just as the fraal or greys influenced all kinds of legends about elves and fairies on Earth and other worlds, the gardhyi may be the origin of ancient tales

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Evrem When Frontier humans encountered the evrem, they can’t help but think of the legends of angels common among their cultures. This species, though friendly and more than willing to discuss many different topics, remains silent about one specific subject

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Blix Humans immediately feel comfortable in the presence of a blix.  These aliens first appeared in the Frontier about 15 years ago, arriving in the outer rim worlds of Yaziran  inside spherical vessels that appeared to use Voidspace technology. It

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Externals in Savage Star Frontiers

Working on an idea to expand the Sathars and merge them with the Star*Drive Externals.  In my new campaign, I am going to make the Sathars agents of the Externals (I am undecided about whether I am going to make

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Savage Sedition Wars: The Strain

Infection Counters, Nano-spores, and Exogenesis These are terms that used to represent conversion to a Strain Infected.  Every token a person gains represents an infection by the Strain .  It represents the number of successes a person must obtain when

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