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The Tower – Resistance is not futile

For a resistance movement to exist and thrive like the Tower, progress has to be made against their enemy, no matter how noticeable it is.   A resistance movement must have victories to continue to exist and it’s message continue to

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Savage SF Campaign in the Works

Updated the SDF Primer with new Zebulon Human Factions (the closest the Expanse has to Human Stellar Nations).

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Taril Tactics & Research Syndicate

Taril moon station is a vast complex of abandoned mine tunnels, former manufacturing and underground colonial facilities built by a long forgotten corporation.  It is now a trade station for the underground of the Xenos sector.  It has regular traffic

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Brodie Information Acquisition & Reclamation Services (BrIARS)

BrIARS or affectionately called the “Briar Patch” is the Intelligence arm of the Brodie Corp.  Their agents are codenamed Patchers.

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Sendalven’s Sand Rats

Sendalven’s Sand Rats is the collection of shatrat groups that operates out of Point Bren.  They follow the leadership of the former Fleet colonel, Cror Sendalven.  Sendalven left Fleet after being framed for a war crime he did not commit in

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The Hykosian Liberation Army, Reboot

(Under Construction) This sums up what the core book says about the HLA – They are a fascinating group, who believe that an alien species known as the Hykosians are going to invade Consortium space very soon. They are the self-appointed “fifth column” for

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Organization: Division 8

This was inspired by various things but primarily the mood organs in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Phillip K Dick.  

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Secret Society: Libra

An original secret society that I created for Classic Reich Star “Maintain the balance … “ ln the dawn of the Cold War, a group of corporations and entrepreneurs secretly gathered in Rome, Italy and saw the future … or at

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Savage Reich Star 12.0: Resistance Groups

Under construction Every resistance group will have a certain number of things defined to help give them depth and a place in the setting. Name/Place of Origin/Age – The resistance has an name, where it started and how, as well

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Sand Rats

Nomadic raiders of Primogen

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