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Away Mission: Signals (Home Playtest)

DATE: 05/04/2018 Play tested Star Trek Adventures RPG by Modiphius.  It was my first exposure to the 2d20 system.  It took a bit of adjustment.  I used YouTube a lot to get to know the system.  I chose to run

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Savage Worlds Flash Gordon: Dive of Doom (Home Playtest)

DATE: 5/27/2018 Flash Gordon has always been a favorite setting for me.  My first exposure was the 1970s/1980s cartoon. This game went amazingly well.  It was a fun day on Memorial Day weekend, I invited everyone for a cookout and

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Shatterzone: Xenos Alpha (RonCon Fall 2017)

System/Setting: Shatterzone DATE: 2017/09/23 I am developing a trilogy of adventures for Shatterzone, slightly inspired by my old work in it.  I wanted to make it more gritty and fun, as well as unique.  I have struggled to get back

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Amidst the Ancient Trees (CoC 7e Playtest)

MACE 2012 – Chad Bowser was going to run this game but was forced to cancel, so I filled in after he sent me the early release copy of CoC 7e and the adventure.  I loved what I saw in the

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