T. Glenn Bane and Davey Beauchamp are two dynamic and energetic individuals I have had the pleasure to get to know in my years of running cons. It was at one of these cons that they gave away an opportunity to have a character named after you at one of our charity auctions. As it turns out, my name was one of those names placed in the book – as the alter ego of a young sidekick hero named Aegis Lad! So when it went up on Kickstarter, I had to support it.

Browsing through available movies, I found a gem of a movie that I really connected with. I have been running Actung! Cthulhu all year at every convention I have been at this year, and I just finished reviewing both the Investigator’s Guide and the Keeper’s Guide. When I saw the title, I was immediately drawn to it. Also, I have focused so strongly on old cheese, I felt that some new cheese was needed. The problem is that there is so much new cheese to choose from. Anybody with a 3D rendering program and a few friends who can half-way act is putting together a monster movie of some kind. And the Syfy Channel is buying them up, no matter how bad they are. It is like they are throwing cheese at a wall and hoping something sticks to make a market for it.

Part of the reason I wanted to do this series was because it was old movies like this that inspired my childhood imagination more than anything else. Yea, I know, reading probably should have too, but I spent most of my reading time in novels based on screenplays of the movies my parents would not let me go see. I have vivid memories, though, of watching old 50s and 60s sci-fi and horror on Saturday or Sunday, and I was fascinated by some of them. This was one that stuck out in my mind.