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04.8 Extranormal Skills

Extranormal: Magic Magic is one possible Extranormal attribute. For specific information on Magic, see its chapter in this book. Alteration Casting spells involving change. Apportation Casting spells involving movement. Conjuration Casting spells involving creation. Divination Casting spells involving knowledge. Extranormal:

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00.1 RonD6 Core Concepts 2.0

After playing around in game systems like Savage Worlds, Fantasy AGE, and others, I found that many concepts from those systems can translate to d6.  I have recently returned to this project with the intention of streamlining and changing a few core d6 concepts to further make this system more viable, at least to me.

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01.0 Basics

Rolling Dice – A die code shows how good a character is in a particular area, how harmful a weapon is, how useful a Special Ability or tool is, and so on. Each die code (also known as a value) indicates the number of six-sided dice you roll (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, etc.), and sometimes an added bonus of “+1” or “+2” — referred to as pips — you add to the total result you roll on the dice.

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Wild Die Advantaged/Disadvantaged

Design Notes: This a new concept inspired by some of new mechanics like ind D&D 5e and CoC 7e, where the GM tells the players they have advantage or disadvantage based on the situation. CONCEPT 1 Advantage: Wild Die is a

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04.5 Presence Skills

Skills covered: charm, disguise, intimidation, persuasion Characters use one of several Presence-based skills to influence other people that they meet. The typical difficulty is Moderate, and the roll is modified based on the dispositions of the characters involved, but a gamemaster may

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04.4 Perception Skills

Skills covered: search, tracking Gamemasters can rely on the  Observation Difficulties chart below for situations involving the gathering of information, spotting hidden things, and general observation. To see if a character notices details of a scene or situation, the gamemaster

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04.3 Intellect Skills

Information Skills (Intellect) Skills covered: Cultures, Scholar The Intellect attribute assists characters in finding out how much they know about a certain field, modified depending on the situation. For this reason, one chart of general difficulties can serve most uses

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04.7 Strength Skills

Climbing This is the skill to scale various surfaces.  Difficulties for this skill are included in the “Movement” chapter. Note that taking care in climbing and carrying 50% or more of the character’s body weight slows the character down by

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04.6 Stamina Skills

Gamemasters may allow a character to make a multi-action stamina roll to complement a strenuous activity, such as lifting or running. The difficulty equals 5 times the current fatigue modifier. The character may add one-half (rounded up) of the difference

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04.2 Agility Skills

Acrobatics Performing feats of gymnastics, extraordinary balance, and dance (and related performance arts), as well as jumping and breaking falls. It is also useful for running obstacle courses or doing courtly promenade. Using acrobatics can also improve many of a

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