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Savage Worlds Flash Gordon: Dive of Doom (MACE 2018)

DATE: November 8-9, 2018 Ran this for the crafters and then ran it for the general con population.  Running for the likes of DM Scotty, his family, Vee the Crafting Muse, and Wyloch of Wyloch’s Armory was an highlight of

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Savage Worlds Flash Gordon: Dive of Doom (ConCarolinas 2018)

DATE: June 2, 2018 The playtest of this game went a little better than the actual con game but it was still reasonably fun.   The session went about the same as the playtest with the end result being guided by

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Savage Worlds Flash Gordon: Dive of Doom (Home Playtest)

DATE: 5/27/2018 Flash Gordon has always been a favorite setting for me.  My first exposure was the 1970s/1980s cartoon. This game went amazingly well.  It was a fun day on Memorial Day weekend, I invited everyone for a cookout and

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01 – Savage SF Setting Rules

I took some of this from Greg Bruni’s Savage Worlds Conversion of Star Frontiers, but modified it for Deluxe Edition and tweaked it a little to my liking. Hindrances All Hindrances from both the Deluxe Edition core book, as well as the Science

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03 – Savage SF Minor Character Races

The following races are available in Star Drive Frontiers.  These are considered minor races because they have not established a stellar nation of any kind or small stellar nations of a 3 to 6 systems.  However, they were contacted by one

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Bengradi (Savage SDF)

Physical Description The Bengradi are a species of tailed felinoid bipeds that look like a humanoid version of a terrestrial Bengal Tiger, with  orange with black stripe pelts, feline ears and tail. They are a genetic-off-shoot of the Halogai’, gengineered

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Kestarians (Savage SDF)

Physical Description Kestarians are humanoid, their pale skin with hint of bold hue. Their hair remains white or gray for their entire life, and both men and women allow it to grow to prodigious lengths. The primary difference between “Kests” and Humans

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Torani/Tor’Drani (Savage SDF)

Physical Description Descending from a canine species, the Torani are a furred humanoid creatures with a tail. Most are similar to the Terran canines and their colors vary based on their pack. They have a pack mentality which has now

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Urtoran (Savage SDF)

Physical Description Descended from huge land mammals resembling large bears, the Urtoran are tall furred mammalian humanoids resembling a merging Earth bears like the kodiak and the grizzly. Their coats vary from black to brown, and they are usually quite

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S’saran (Savage SDF)

The S’saran are a reptillian race, resembling a cross between a terrestrial komodo dragons and a terrestrial gila monster. They are blackish green in color, with visible scales, and no fur. They developed from a larger killer omnivore.

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