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I am sorry to say that I have to agree with this guy 100%.  What i like about this is that it goes beyond the same old complaint of “it’s a rehash of the first movie.”  It was bad for …

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A couple of things have prompted me to type this up.  First, the Everything Wrong with guys posted their take on SW7.  And I could not agree more. Now this does not mean I hated the movie or I want people …

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One of my pet peeves with sci-fi books, movies and particularly RPGs, is the treatment of stellar distances.  I respect a show or movie that treats it properly or at least show it a little respect.  It drives me crazy when …

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I have said before that I am struggling with my Star Wars fandom after seeing SW7.  There was so much to like but there were flaws, some of which I just could not put my finger on.  Well, finally someone …

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NO SPOILERS TO FOLLOW I just got back from seeing the movie of the year; the movie that all geekdom was anticipating – Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  And I am torn.  I was very cynical going in and I …

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