Playtested with nearly complete terrain projects for both nuked NYC encounter and the Ice Station encounter.  I think I hyped up the fear factor too early so by the time they got to the final battle, they were already done and ready to GFTO!

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I was very nervous going into this session because I made the mistake of talking it up.  I was really excited about it because it combined so many elements that I enjoy. I was lucky to get a great group …

Legacy of the Führer 2: Ice Station Schatzgräber (MACE West 2017) Read more »

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Finally got to run my Savage Reich Star at MACE 2016.  All that preparation and terrain building paid off, mostly.  This adventure has a cerebral element to it so running it after players have already played 8 hours worth of …

Legacy of the Führer 1: Secrets of the Moon (MACE 2016) Read more »

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