Ticket to Ride is riding the rails of success in its board game format. It was inevitable that the game would break into the card game format, since at least two-thirds of the game mechanic of the board game is cards.

The small Ticket to Ride, The Card Game (T2R:TCG) box contains 148 illustrated cards. There are 8 different sets of train cards in 10 different colors, including 10 multicolored cards. There are also 16 locomotive cards, 6 Big City cards, and 46 Destination Ticket cards. The object of the game is to score the highest number of points by completing the Destination Tickets in your hand.

Ticket to Ride (TtR) is one of those staple games you can always see at a convention. It is right up there with Settlers of Catan as one of the more popular games to play. Ticket to Ride: Switzerland is an expansion of that great game that takes you into the tough terrain of the famed country. It adds a few new things and challenges the player in different ways.