Taril Tactics & Research Syndicate

Taril Tactics & Research Syndicate

Taril moon station is a vast complex of abandoned mine tunnels, former manufacturing and underground colonial facilities built by a long forgotten corporation.  It is now a trade station for the underground of the Xenos sector.  It has regular traffic in and out of all kinds of shatrats and fringers.  ONe group, however, is the most well known occupant of the trade station – The Taril Tactics & Research Syndicate.

TT+R or TTaRS – “Tars” – reside deep in the mining tunnels referred to as the Tar Pits.  They are deep hollowed out sections that are cavernous in size, the walls of which are littered with alcoves and caves containing all varieties of weapons and cybernetic smiths and their operations.  All work for the syndicate and report to the Syndicate Master –  Kramthak Tusker.  Deeper in the tunnels are the dojos, shooting ranges and practice yards of the training facilities for on the chosen few.

One of the central caverns contains a huge arena where a form of olympics is held.  Contests of hand-to-hand as well as ranged are held here.  Weaponsmiths show off their custom work and also participate in contests.  Local shatrats provide targets from the unfortunate bolter refugees that cross through or local colonists that don’t know how to protect themselves.

Called the Meat Market, the common market area of the eastern hemisphere caverns is one of the primary meet-up places for people-for-hire and their respective patrons.  Taril is a perfect place for this kind of transaction as it has all the needed places for anyone to show off their skills for a prospective patron.

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