Background: Player’s Aid #2 – Tasmetra Basin

Background: Player’s Aid #2 – Tasmetra Basin

titansgrave3The Campaign will take place in  a region called the Tasmetra Basin.

Key points of interests

Nestora – A city state that was once run by royals but after the Chaos Wars, the High Guilds run it.  There are 8 High Guilds and overseen by the Commerce Nexus.  Recently, there is rebellious rumblings that want to end the Guilds’ rule.

Karros – Formerly a grand Saurian city, it is surrounded by the Fanged Walls and was notoriously known to be impenetrable.  A victim of the Data Plagues, the city now ruled by the golems of the Triumvirate.    The city is very well known to be clean, orderly and one of the most advanced in the region.  The golems are divided into 3 factions – the Alabaster (operations of the city; living underground), the Emerald (enforcers of the city) and the Golden (administers of the city).

Vorakis – Built as a science and magic fortress and gateway to the Broken Spires Mountains (and their very valuable fulgrin mines as well as the broken ruins of lost saurian cities), this city state was built in defiance of the Prophet.  It has a strange duality signified by the strange and magical visages.  When these statues throughout the city appear as the Lady, everything is peaceful and joyous.  But at times, the face changes to a dwarven Lord, who is cruel and punishing.  In those times, the cyborg guardians crack down on the suspicious and subversive.