Telkis Naslux, Tor’Drani Female Ranger

Telkis Naslux, Tor’Drani Female Ranger

Homeworld: Tor’Drani homeworld, merchant fleet
Born into a Nomadic Culture: She group up in a traditional Tor’Drani merchant culture. They focused its energy on moving its people from place of place, trading between various cultures.  Their governments focused on strong leaders, whose control did not extend beyond his clan.

Telkis was orphaned at an early age and given to the protection of a guardian android.  She was born a twin but was told her twin died along with her parents.  She was told that her twin had a matching birthmark of a Spiral Galaxy on her left foot (Telkis has one on her right foot).  Telkis was raised by a weapons training droid.  during this time, she developed a talent for gameplaying and gambling, as well as a strong interest in Astronomy.

During adolescence, Telkis got involved with a splinter faith cult – Faith of the White Sign. This religion believed in the same god her family clans, but disagrees with the way that this god is worshiped.  She got involved with this cult through a friend – a potential mate – who asked her to come to his god’s temple.  She joined the religion in hopes it would further her relationship with the potential mate.  It in fact did and they were officially paired by the merchant guilds.

They both traveled quite a bit as missionaries.  For 4 years, she traveled with him. During this time, a fanatic followers of a local religion overthrew the leadership of the faith.  This new leader was half-Torani.  Unbelievers  – those that opposed his rule – were rounded up and imprisoned in make-shift camps. Telkis and her mate is caught up in the fervor of this people’s belief.   Her mate was killed and she escaped with her life.  For some reason now, she is hunted by this fanatical religious leader.  She was told she is the bearer of the White Sign.  Her birthmark makes her fur white where it is normally gray.

Meanwhile, she seeks revenge for the death of her Mate.

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    Back on New Pale, Telkis remembered one of the conversations with the strange and mysterious Bestin – an apparent agent of Star Law – the United Planetary Federation’s interstellar police and intelligence force.

    Diablo has been a troublesome target for Star Law. He was often the subject of conversation between Telkis and Bestin when he would pop up. The last thing she remembers is an offer for big reward if she found him.

    Small details of these conversations continue to come back to her, however. Strangely, she is not sure these were real conversations or dreams. Bestin spoke of a team of 3 special Star Law Rangers sent to hunt down and apprehend Diablo. These Rangers – Commander Eden Holaday, Specialist Tumitsu Fotner and Specialist Dietmar Lader – were now considered missing in action. Why do I remember their names so vividly? And why did their faces just appear in my head!?

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