Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles

I watched this episode twice. Once online with the sneak preview in Yahoo and then Sunday night after football. As it was billed as the journey from T2 to the next 3 movies they are planning, I was excited but confused. Where did T3 go? Well, according to what I read, that is now considered an alternate timeline, which is probably good for those that hated it. I liked it though.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. Even though it is re-writing T3 out of the series, it did not rewrite anything else. It kept to the timeline rather well. It also brings in a little more of the comics as it shows other 101 series with different body types other the “Arnold” template, although I am not sure that Summer Glau`’s model is 101. I think that is going to be part of the story – she`s a new model, perhaps with emotions or other organic parts.


The last few scenes left me with some questions, though. The weapon they built inside the bank, the time machine built from 60s to 70s tech and the remains of the terminator at the bank – wouldn`t that be something that needs to be destroyed? Or were they destroyed when they activated the time machine? Or maybe the all but the time machine was destroyed and the time machine destroyed itself when completing its mission.

Also, it seems like all the stuff in that bank was set up and ready even though it was uncertain what Sara and John would do – run or take out the new incarnation of Skynet. I guess they knew because that’s what they did in T2. I guess all that will be in the plot of the series.


Overall, the series has great potential and I look forward to tonight second part of the premier.

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