Tharkold Campaign Threat Dossier

Tharkold Campaign Threat Dossier


Strategic Research Initiative (SRI) – A research group funded by the Ohio State University as a front for minion hunting.  Unfortunately, they let a minion infiltrate them and now Sethifer controls them.  He is using them to hunt down the Corman device prototype, which is now stored in the Hoover Dam – Westerville, Ohio.  This device, still active, is slowly tearing an opening into Tharkold.

CAUS – Formerly Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, the organization has evolved into a minion hunting network.  They have a strong presence on the ‘Net and strong support from the hacker underground.

The Queen – Formerly Dr. Helen Harnst, executive research scientist who was Seduced subconsciously  to transform herself into the “Queen.”  In the Queen form, she acts as a guardian over the prototype against anything or anyone that wishes to harm or otherwise shut it down or stop Sethifer’s efforts to complete it.

Father Razorflesh – Dark Brother of Tharkold.  A minion that has been Seduced by the energies of Tharkold.  He wants to obtain the device to corrupt other minions.  He corrupted the Grey Devils to help him in his efforts.

The Crucifier – Dark Brother of Tharkold.

Rebecca Stone – 7 year old girl, niece to a now dead researcher – Walter Stone – who was corrupted by Sethifer and helped with his research into the Corman device.  Through this work, Walter Stone discovered the Transdimensional Core Theory.  Sethifer wanted more than just theories, so he ignored it.  Rebecca has a strong empathic potential but is too young to fully tap that power.  However, somehow during her Uncle’s experiments for Sethifer, she made a emphatic connection with Sethifer, his power and the Tharkold dimension.  She has become the focus of Tharkold’s ascension to Earth.  In the beginning, her power was highly primal and fragmented within her.  Since her contact with Sethifer/Tharkold, the Dark Lords of Tharkold have been manipulating her raw power, not realizing it is in a small young girl.

Immaculate Seduction – A gang formerly known as the Grey Devils, lead by Alysia Sophia Blackard.  They were Seduced by the slow invasion of the Tharkold Dark Lord Father Razorflash.  They are HQ’ed in the downtown St Peter’s cathedral in Columbus, Ohio.  They wear black leather priestly vestments with a crossed knight tattoo on their forehead.

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