02: The Awakening: Here There Be Gremlins

02: The Awakening: Here There Be Gremlins

Time Period: SW:ANH +7 months

Where: Planet Bofa II

(Adventure inspired by the Short Adventure synopsis in the 2nd Ed. GM Screen booklet “Here there be gremlins…”)

The Lovely Angel was forced to crash by an Imperial attack, and as they slowly found out, something was deadly wrong with the Bofan atmosphere. There lived within the hot, dank jungle of Bofa, a microbe of some sort that feed on power systems of all kinds. Their weapons, their ship, everything was down, including the droid. They scrambled to find weapons of any type. They found odd shards of old refined metals, which seemed to point to the fact that Bofa had intelligent life at one time. The ruins they found supported that theory. However, if it had intelligent life at one time, what did it have now. The answer to that was held in a dark secret they proceeded to uncover.

Creatures Encountered on Bofa II

Jungle Strider – formerly a riding beast, they now roam in herds.  They have evolved into very dextrous beasts (a cross between a velociraptor and a ram).

Quids – Tree living creatures that hang from the limbs and silently paralyze their victims with stringer-ended tentacles. (a cross between a sloth, a squid and a jelly fish)

Pigers – Large spider-like creatures about the size of a man’s head.  They attack from above, attaching to the target head (inspired by facehuggers)

Flargs – Flying beasts once used as rides and attack beasts. (inspired by art in the adventure, page 9)

Tresars – Wolven beast who lives in the trees and roam in packs. (inspired by art in the adventure, page 11)

Natives – Bofasians – From the remnants of mutated Bofanians came the Bofasians.  Their population is small and they are very primitive.  They are resourceful and omnivorous.  They have a special ability – Sonic Screech – that stuns opponents. They ride on Jungle Striders.

The Player’s Adventure continues… Slowly, the party members were able to derive this history, from several encounters. They met along the way: Quinton, the Treasure Hunter, who joined their party for a short while; Bastian Dawnrider the lost punk kid, Alexander the Ewok the Rebel Pilot; and Clarke, a ex-stormtrooper with Jodo Kast on his tail; the latter three joined the party permanently. They also met the Jedi Master Tradius Gorod, who called them their. He died, succumbing to Mobarius’s power telling the remainder of the tale. This was the young Jedi’s Father. The group discovered the dark secrets of the Dark Dragons, and the Light Dragons. They were told that Mobarius must be destroyed before the Empire got him. They traveled to the ruined City-Fortress Of Batel, where the final battle was fought and lost. Marax was too fast, and powerful. He allowed Mobarius to share his body, and escaped. However, in the fray they were able to destroy the Imperial being built and save a young Solar Dragon from the clutches of Tremayne. Unfortunately, there was another that Tremayne was able to keep and turn into a Void Dragon.

Side Adventure: “The Game: The Battle for Destiny”

While on Bofa II, they retrieved several artifacts from the Imperial holds. One was an apparent board game, with elaborate pieces of Dragon Warriors, 8-sided dice, and alien symbols. One bold player decided to see what would happen if they played, and the Battle for Destiny began. It turned out to be an almost-too-real battle with dark figures from an unknown world. They played the game and sacrificed pain and suffering for their fellow Dragon Warriors. It taught them that they have a greater destiny than any of them understood, and that the Dragon unit was to act as one. They saw a piece of their possible future… or perhaps it was just a game.