The Beer Guilds of Nestora

The Beer Guilds of Nestora

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Gurlock is a member of the Beer Guild of Nestora, which is made up of 5 major “families” and several minors one.  Along with Gurlock, there are four other families.

  • Davonmeer – Northern region beer makers, they are a family of half-elves.
  • Clayport – A family of Dwarven beer makers that reside on the river ports.
  • Doonnaris – A family of Saurians who mastered a Saurian high tech.
  • Grouldabergs – Gnomes who have tapped a magical spring in the southern hills.

Davomeer is the strongest rival to Gurlock.  They commonly use political guile and skill to disrupt Gurlock’s operation.

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