Bro’ac (Savage SDF)

Bro’ac (Savage SDF)

Racial Characteristics
Average Size: 2.5 meters tall
Average Mass: 90 kilograms
Average Lifespan:40 320 years
Reproduction: Carnivore, Spores
Body Temperature: 22 C

Bro’ac are a mysterious and space-faring sentient plant-like species which inhabits several worlds of the Rim Sector.


Unknown.  They have been found on at least 6 planets in a region called the Truloria Cluster, which is a few light years from the mysterious Yoblilia Nebula.

Physical Appearance

Bro’ac appear like a humanoid plants from the waste up.   From the waste down, usually hidden by clothing and large leaves are a series of thin tentacle-like appendages that act as legs. To humans, they appear to be a conglomeration of various plants and vegetables but in truth they are each single complex life-form.  To the untrained eye, all Bro’ac look the same, but in truth, every single Bro’ac is uniquely different.  Presumably evolved from a carnivorous plant, their heads sit atop a leafy set of shoulders, most of which contains the large toothy maw.  Two small eye-like pods sit atop the maw, and the head is crested with various planet-like tendrils.  Along with a standard set of humanoid arms and legs, at various  points long its body are also small plant-like tendrils that are marginally prehensile.  These tendrils can hold small items like tools or scanners but are not useful in attack.


Bro’ac have enhanced sense of smell and touch, however their sight is less efficient then normal humans.


Bro’ac do not speak normally.  They communicate via gestures through their various vine-appendages and polin-like pheromones.  To communicate to other races, they wear a specially designed translator that reads these signals and speaks for them.

Society and Customs

Bro’ac society is based on a hierarchy caste system, each plant genetically manipulated to serve a specific caste – Nobles and Leaders, Administrators and Diplomats, Sciences and Engineers, Warriors and Workers, and Religious.  There are sub-castes in each and some minor castes as well, but these are the majors.

Historically, the Bro’ac have isolated themselves.  They are very good at hiding and camouflage, so those that visited a Bro’ac planet did not realize it was inhabited.  It wasn’t until the Humma decided to attempt colonization of one did they reveal themselves.  Strangely, the meeting was peaceful.  Most believe the Humma first contact team was influence heavily by the Bro’ac pheromone ability.

Since their first discovery, the Bro’ac have been found on 3 systems along the Rim – Oxal’Xus, Haflara and Kawheron.  All are Earth-normal worlds with considerable vegetation.  The Rim Coalition agreed to leave those worlds alone as long as the Bro’ac opened trade with them.

Despite being found on three separate planets, the Bro’ac society are unified by a single religion.  Few non-Bro’ac truly understand it thoroughly, but scholars theorize that they worship the spirits of some ancient alien entity called the Mother Spore, perhaps the entity that spread them across light years.  The central philosophy of this religion is peace through enlightenment and eventual ascendancy to a greater plain of existence.  The Religious caste strives to evangelize their philosophy into other species, seeing all as part of a collection “garden.”


The Bro’ac have a good relationship with most races in the Frontier and the Rim.

Special Abilities

Dependency (–2): This type of plant-based life-form must bask in sunlight (artificial or otherwise) once per day or suffer Fatigue. This can lead to death. Fatigue is recovered at the rate of one level per hour of sunshine.

Environmental Weakness, Heat/Fire (–1): Bro’ac suffer +4 damage from heat or fire attacks, and a –4 penalty to resist any other effects.

Hardy (+3): A second Shaken result doesn’t cause a wound.

Low Tech Hindrance (–1): Bro’ac come from worlds where they have no real need for technology.  They find standard tech confusing. They suffer a –2 penalty when using typical technological systems.

Skill Bonus – Persuasion (+1): Floran’s organs are spread out along their strange vascular systems, making them less susceptible to called shots.

Regeneration (+2): As long as they’re not Exhausted from lack of sunlight, florans may natural healing rolls once per day.


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