The Capable Hero

The Capable Hero

From: Sword’s Edge Publishing

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

The Capable Hero is a new Specialized Class PDF (Modern D20 System™) from Sword’s Edge Publishing .

Sword’s Edge Publishing (SEP) has introduced a new concept into the d20 Modern system called a specialized class. A specialized class sits between a basic class and an advanced class, and it primarily allows a level of specialization in low-level games. SEP has released a series of these specialized classes and one of those is the Capable Hero.

From the website:

“The Capable Hero is a specialized class tailored to subject matter experts, master craftsmen and hands-on academics.”

This specialized class represents those skilled heroes that are trained in certain crafts, and/or knowledge skills, each focusing on a certain area. The Capable Hero can either be an expert on a specific subject or proficient in a wide-variety of skills. Examples given in the PDF are the ace pilot, the adventurous academic, the sardonic guide, and the master criminal. The character can easily enter the Capable Hero specialized class fairly early in his development. The requirements are fairly easy to meet.

From page # 1:

“The Capable Hero is not competent with all things, but she has access to a wide variety of skills.”

This specialized class is not about power gaming or min-maxing. It is about skill use and making a lower level character more effective. In a strong skill-based game, the character class would flourish. It has a wide variety of class skills and a series of talents that are very skill focused. The Capable Hero has talents that focus in the areas of craft, knowledge and social areas. The interesting one I find is the social talents which give the character access to associations and societies related to his specialty.

The class progression table goes to 10 levels like all d20 Modern classes do, with a strong tilt toward will saves. It alternates each level between bonus feats and talents for class features.

In conclusion, I am big fan of d20 Modern and its customization options. This opens up new doors for lower level characters. I like it a lot. There are other specialty classes on the web site, and I am intrigued further about them. This is a good idea and I imagine the others are just as cool.

For more details on Sword’s Edge Publishing and their new A Specialized Class PDF (Modern D20 System™) “The Capable Hero” check them out at their website

The Capable Hero

From: Sword’s Edge Publishing

Type of Game: A Specialized Class PDF (Modern D20 System™)

Written by Fraser Ronald

Art by Dean Martin

Design and Layout by Rob Wakefield

Number of Pages: 8

Game Components Included: 1 PDF File

Game Components Not Included: D20 Modern Core Rulebooks

Retail Price: $ 1.25 (US)

Item Number: SEP3001


Reviewed by: Ron McClung