The Circle of Kresss’sssik

The Circle of Kresss’sssik


The Circle of Kresss’sssik is a order of Trizgarian clerics in search of the lost civilization of Trizgar.  Lost long before the Chaos Wars, some way it was because of a long overdue aftershock of the Cataclysm while other say it was a punishment to the feline race.  The Clerics of Kresss’sssik believe that their civilization still exists on some plane of existence and they are in search of every sign there is of it.

At the heart of their belief system is an artifact called the Sun Heart.  This artifact is kept hidden in their secret temple and very few know it’s actual nature. It appears to be crystalline in nature, a twisting obelisque about half the height of a normal human.  Strange unknown runes are carved into it and they seem to shift randomly.

These runes include


Legends says that it is a key to another world, where the survivors escaped.  Some say these survivors were imprisoned while others say they were saved by some god-like entity.  The Clerics and Monks of the Sun Heart say they can hear the voices of their people when they meditate in the Temple of the Sun Heart.

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