The Clans of Conildra Tatil/City of End

The Clans of Conildra Tatil/City of End

Devil’s Corps or The Black Guild

LEADER: General Drig Satoran

RW: 4  M: 5 Dex 70 (+2 mod) STA: 50 IM: 6.  Weapons: EMA Assault Rifle (LE rounds) with Grenade Launcher (72).  44 Auto Pistol hidden in cybernetic leg (64).  Cyber T-systems (+2 CS)

SECOND IN COMMEND: Lt. Commander Keela Killor (female human)

RW: 5  M: 4 Dex: 60 (+1 mod) STA: 45  IM: 5. Weapons: Heavy EP Blaster (40).  Cybernetics: Missiler Chest Implant (68)

The Devil’s Corps is a  large human-only para-military fascist state that is strongly prejudice against non-humans.   They primarily take up the southeast side of the city and their area is heavily fortified with emplacements at each road entrance and constant patrols along their borders.  They have yet to actually develop enough resources to build a security wall or fence as their region is so large.  For now, they are satisfied with simple waste high sand-bag perimeters and make-shift gun emplacements.

The Main street that divides the east and west side of their section is called the Devil’s Walk.  No human is allowed along Devil’s Walk and any seen will be shot on site.  Along the Devil’s Walk are many human-only bars, brothels, casinos and other establishments to satisfy most any vice, except one.  The Devil’s Corp has a strong  anti-drug policy (and constantly come into conflict with the Revolutionaries over this subject.)  The Devil’s Corps have a strange sense of purity, where all drugs except alcohol are allowed in their region.

However, Devil’s Corpsman tend to have a considerable amount of cybernetics on their body.  They push the limits of the physical and mental abilities to handle cybernetics and the corporations are more than willing to help them out with that.  This leads many to see the Devil’s Corpsman as crazy and unstable.

With in the Devil’s Corps is a secret society called the Black Guild.  They are the real power behind the Devil’s Corps – a secret cabal of power brokers from Dramune, the megacorps of Tatil, as well as Star Law (all human) that are using the Corps to develop human super soldiers in hopes of eventually dominating the Frontier.  They test various weapons and cybernetic systems with the Corps, as well as various physical and mental enhancing drugs on them.  Drig Satoran is one of the member of the Guild.

The Corps primary alliance is with Remis Warmachines, but has dealt with other corporations as well.  Their primary enemy is the Revolutionaries because of their drug dealing and alien population.

Random Encounters within the region of the Devil’s Corps

65% chance (every 2 hours) of a random encounter while walking the streets of the Devil’s Corp region.  +25% if the party is obviously non-human.  Pick one for below

Encounter #1 – RWM Field Test

“Time to test out our new toys, fellas!”

The PCs are confronted by a group of 8 black-robed men. A small faction of RWM created cyborgs (humans) decide to test their new weapon systems on the PCs.  The Cyborgs are known as the STEEL HEARTS.

Steel Hearts: Branch of the Devil’s Corp.

Leader: Half Face (half his face is replaced with T-system and KE-1000)
RW: 4  M: 3 DEX 60 (+1) STA: 45 IM: 5 Armor: 30 Pen.  Weapons: KE-2000 in Arm (32).  Grenade Rifles w/ Frag Grenade on shoulders (64).  24 Gruder Mk4 Auto (99) carried.

Second in Command: Blazor.  RW: 3 M: 2 Dex 50 (+1) STA: 50 IM: 5 Armor: 30. Weapons: Missiler left shoulder (68). EP Blasters (x2) in Palms (30).

Encounter #2 – Fire Fight

A group of 2 armed Human females (Indies) are being assaulted by 8 heavier armed and drunk human male Devils Corpsman.

Story Note:  {Pre-Collapse} These ladies are in search of an artifact called the Bleeding Eye.  They were told that it would help their people protect themselves again the other clans when the Great War comes (the Clan Wars). [In truth, the Bleed Eye is not an artifact but a person – a great leader or Khan, that will unite the clans after the chaos of the Collapse].

Milan Tilan & Treeda Tilan (2 Indie females).

RW: 4 M: 3 DEX: 50 (+1) STA: 45 IM: 6.  Weapons: EMA Assault Rifle (40 + s15/T8 Poison). .45 Auto (48).

RW: 5 M: 6 DEX: 60 (+1) STA: 55 IM: 6.  Weapons: EMA Assault Blaster (56 + s15/T8 Poison), .45 Auto (48).

Devil Corpsman Random Cybernetics Table (1d10)

  1. Shoulder Missilier (68) with Mind mount
  2. Half-head is Grenade Launcher (64) with Mind Mount
  3. LEft are is Flame Thrower (44 + 5 burn) with Mind Mount
  4. Hidden 5.56 Autorift in waste-area with Mind Mount
  5. Hidden EP Blaster (40) in palms with Mind Mount
  6. Rocket Burst from Feet (30 meters)
  7. T-systems Type 1 (+1 CS)
  8. T-Systems Type 2 (+2 CS)
  9. Person has no legs.  Moves on track system with small cargo bay inback.  MOunters in the bay is an EP support rifle with Mind Mount.
  10. Both Arms are replaced with KE2000 (48)

The Revolutionaries or Revs

LEADER: Dalon Flamestar (Yazirian), richest (non-corporate) citizen in the city.

A group of mixed races from the Known Worlds, humans are the minority in this clan.  They are well-known business brokers and deal makers, they make their income primarily by brokering deals with other factions – corporate and non-corporate.  They rarely deal with the Devil’s Corps, however.  Those who see them weak underestimate this clan, because when the call to arms rings, the Revs are a strong force to reckon with.

Their region of the city – the western section pinned between two corporate compounds – is considered the most peaceful.  It is full of bazaars and marketplaces, a place where you can just about find anything.  The black and drug market runs right through the Revs part of town.  They also have a plethora of casinos and drug houses.  There is one place where the concentration of markets and bazaars is most dense – the Circle.  Here is where much of the trade of East Conildra Tatil  happens.

Few know the underlying philosophy of the Revolutionaries or why they take pride in their name.  There is a belief that a Clan War is coming and the Eternal Revolution will rise to spread across known space.  They believe they are the bringers of a new order to this world and others.

The Revs primarily ally with Wartech and more specifically Multitech.  They are in constant conflict with the Devil’s Corp.

Independents or Indies

LEADER: Bradil Trogmore, male Ifshnit

Outcast to an isolated region of the city, the Indies fortified themselves beneath an old-style fortress built centuries ago –  called Fort Deathfear.  Surrounded by a significant fence, the Indies region sits in the South East side of the city nearest to the Star Law perimeter.  Even a city of outcasts have their outcasts.

They have been labelled Hell’s Scavengers because they steal whatever they can get to survive (and have become rather adept at it).  They are usually the first to rob the dead after a clash between the clans.  No corporation chooses to deal with them, so they are forced to steal what they need.  They raid corporate caravans, secret Star Law supply caches and hidden treasure troves underground left behind by a time forgotten.

No clan has wiped them out because of the considerable defense they have set up around their region of the city.  Some believe they took over an old military base.

River Rats or Brotherhood of Tiqua’Lidra

LEADER: Mikak Takil (female Saurian)

The northwestern banks of the Central River are host to the outlawed Surian clan Tiqua’Lidra (Water Livers) This group was a genetic experiment done on Saurians by Sathars during their war with them.  They took a large population of Kamarian Saurians and enhanced their aquatic qualities.  From this, they developed webbed feet and hands as well as a stronger ability to live underwater; they are amphibious.  Unfortunately, these modification made these particular Saurians psychopathic and violent.  Thus, they were exiled to Conildra Tatil after the Sathars were defeated.

The River Rats control the River and any traffic therein.  They attack anyone that tries to cross the river without using the bridges.  One bridges, they charge tolls to cross.  Few know that they also control the sewage tunnels beneath the city and travel freely among the different regions.  This makes them valuable spies and commonly sell information to the highest bidder.  They based out of the large docking service facility on the northwest banks of the river, which they have fortified considerably.

They are allied with Wartech/Multitech and test aquatic weaponry for them on a regular basis.

The Gladiators

LEADER: Bikil Badak (male [Urtoran]).

LEADERSHIP COUNCIL: Fedil Pora’dich ([Halogai’]), Trelia Morningstar (female human), Drigda Morad (male human)

Farther west from the River Rats dwell the strong and proud Gladiators.  This clan is largely made up of physically stronger races – Bengradi, [Candrosian], [Halogai’], [Urtoran], Humans and Yazirians.  They pride themselves on their feats of strength and physical combat.  They hold Arena fights on a regular basis to determine their Champions.

Every year, they have the Grand Clash – a sort of election where the four most powerful Champions fight it out for leadership within the Clan.  The current leader and his council of three round out the tournament. Once a Grand Champion is chosen, he must then fight beast called the Plondorox to finally win the throne.  If he fails, it starts all over again with new Champions.

Trade and commerce on the West Sides happens here, primarily.  They do not have the connections of the Revs but they have enough to satisfy most.  The Gladiators have a strong sense of competition, even in business, so they try to compete strongly with the Revs. The Gladiators also have a strong sense of honor.  They take if very seriously, and will kill anyone that challenges it.

The Gladiators ally primarily with Wartech and GTF.  They commonly have conflicts with the Revolutionaries and the Devil’s Corps.  They secretly help the Indies.

Clan of the Abyss

Because of its size, this group is relatively unknown.  It secretly sits in the western shadows of the GTF compound, quietly going about their business.  Few know their true origins but those that know of them fear them.  They are a group of outcast mentalists, experimented on by the military, sent to Conildra Tatil for “storage.”  It is said they have reached levels of mental power higher than anyone imagined possible.  They call themselves Psi-casters.  Some say they are feeding off the negative mental energies of everyone else in the city.

Other Factions

Dalia Bandits

Bandits that roam the abandoned and neutral of the city.

Standard Bandit
RW: 4 M: 3 DEX: 60 (+1) STA: 40 IM: 6.  Armor: Thorane (20/ 12/ 16/ 400) Weapons: EMA Assault Rifle (40 + s15/T8 Poison). .45 Auto (48).

Leader: Badia Ladra-Dalia
STA: 55 RS: 60 Dex: 55 DM 0 RW: +x M: +5  IM: 7.  Weapons: EMA Assault Blaster (56 + s15/T8 Poison), .45 Auto (48).

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