The Crew of the Serena Dawn

The Crew of the Serena Dawn

Captain Ohed Epps (Human Male)

Smuggler and pirate willing to any job for the highest bid.

Astrogator Loken Stahl (Human Male)

New to the crew, has endeared himself to the crew through nefarious ways.

Engineer Kilita (Vrusk Female)

Obsessive work-aholic and master engineer.

Security Officer Hithyin (Yazirian Male)

Gruff and rugged security and weapons officer, loyal to the captain.

Crew Thalen Rathel (Yazirian Male)

Hard worker, tends to show signs of being out new the X-Dust Nebula too long.  He shows signs of X-Madness.

Crew Samuel Monten (Human Male)

Quiet and reserved, follows whatever Thalen says.  Tends to say “You got it!”  a lot.

Crew Nordorth (Dralasite)

New to the crew, unfortunately has fallen victim to some of the crews extreme hazing.