The Dragon Pyramid

The Dragon Pyramid

The pyramid was build millennia ago , the exact date is lost . It was bui l t over the l air of a dragon to protect it , and benefit from it ‘ s knowlege . The dragon s
pent more and more time in a comatose slumber , until it finally crawled into it ‘ s lair for the last time . The caretakers waited for years , but finally sealed the lair and abandoned the pyramid .

The Dragon Pyramid was found many times over the millennia , used for several centuries , and each time abandoned for various reasons. Traces of the later users of the structure litter the complex . Most notably , the steps of the pyramid h ave been developed , and are fairly covered in ruins . The most notable feature of the pyramid, besides it ‘ s size , is that there are no joints to be found in the entire structure . It seems to be made of one huge
block . Its material is also impossible to damage by any normal means.

Tier One

The large (180x250m) chamber was originally the living space of the dragon. Now it houses the Dragonblood refinery . This chamber soars up through the structure , ending in a 110m hole in the top . The huge hole in the floor leads into the dragons original lair .

The two middle- sized chambers were originally used for raising lifestock as food for the dragon and it ‘ s caretakers . They are more recently used as living quarters for the refineryworkers . The smaller chambers are warehouses , both originally and currently

Tier Two

This area was the living areas for the caretakers . In addition to the residential areas ,there are common areas , and what amounts to town hall. The entrance to Tier three is in the town hall area . For some reason (locked panel , forcefield , whatever , only force – wielders can get to tier 3.

Because of the inconvenience of dragging things up the ramps , the refinery has not made much use of the tier .

Tier Three

This is where the Jedi who organized the whole effort lived . In addition to his residence, there are all kinds of cool jedi shit . You can fill in the details


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