The Fabilu Family

The Fabilu Family

Species: Human

Type: Humanoid, Species off-shoot


Strength  *
Constitution  *
Agility  *
Intelligence  *
Education  *
Charisma  *
Empathy  *
Initiative  *
Move  *
Skill/Dam  *
Hits  *
Appear  *

* All stats would be the same as human except the children would get the penalties of old age and the adults would get the penalties of young age.

Documented Notes

Jubile, Ladybread and Kow are beings that live their lives in reverse.  The adult-appearing individuals are actually offspring of the children and they age in reverse.

Add-ins & Elaborations

There is not a whole lot about aging backwards that is inspiring or conducive to story, especially in Dark Conspiracy.  They can be the last survivors of a race of people that once lived on earth.  If they in turn were also long-lived, the children would be interesting treasure troves of knowledge.

Natural Weapons/Abilities

Human like

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Human like

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