The Fhar’ath, the I’krl Theocracy

The Fhar’ath, the I’krl Theocracy


Fading Suns True20: The Externals

In my new campaign, The Mysterium Platonis, I have decided to bring in the Externals from Star Drive. They seem to almost fit perfectly although they seem a little overpowered. I am planning to design a small region of lost worlds that are under the influence of the Exeat, with the Gardhyi as the Heralds of the Theocracy and the “brother battle” of the Exeat are proto-Kroath. The human leaders of the Church of the I’krl are the most Psychically powered humans with in the region of space.

Coming soon: The Fhar’ath, the I’krl Theocracy.

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