The Forest

The Forest

Ever since the war started, the army has been slowly decaying into nothingness. My unit, under the command of a Dara’ilan named Dologan Morad, has been chewed down to a force of fifteen. We aren’t the smallest but we don’t feel that big. We are good at what we do but it’s getting harder and harder to take out those HARM-bots. When we are at full force, we were taking out 3 or 4 a day, but now we can barely take out one.

The forest is our best tool. It’s our only refuge. The trees of our world give off EMs that interfere with the bots sensors, especially the Polo-Pines and the Cormian Cedar. The latter is also really hard, almost as hard as metal armor and act as great cover from their slug thrower weapons. It’s odd that a society so advanced to create huge mecha-bots did not advanced far enough to arm them with energy weapons. But they do have missiles and those are killer unless you can make it to the forest.

The forest was like a miracle sent down from on high – like the planet itself was protecting us from the invaders. The planet was on our side. One day, I hope we can figure out a way to integrate these tree’s properties into our armor. And then, we can kick some serious HARM-bot ass.

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