Heralds from the Chaos

Heralds from the Chaos

Otherwise known as The Four, they are Unknown Heralds from the Chaos Side of the Force Chaos Side of the Force. Creatures summoned from Chaos, they are to bring forth Chaos to vanquish the forms of order (Dark and Light).

Master Agon

Master of Un-Creation and De-Construction. The Chaos Corruptor. Leader of the Four.

Master Scythe

Master of Death & Assassination, Stealth & Shadow. The Death Sculptor. Assassin for the Four.

Master Mechanor

Master of Destruction & War, Weapons & Wounds. The War Conductor. Fighter for the Four.

Mistress Lucidique

Mistress of Dark Seduction & Pleasurable Death. The Sensual Torturer. Seductress for the Four.


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