The Journey from the Wastes to Moonperch

The Journey from the Wastes to Moonperch

According to the text, the travel from Nestora to Moonperch takes a full week.  I am not sure by what means of travel but I assume vehicular.   With riding mounts, it might take longer.  From the Wastes to Moonperch, they will need to make stops each day.  All kinds of chances for encounters.  Deal with personal plots.

Day 1

Camp Out at Crossroads, part way between Wastes and Tanbrel.

Wilderness Encounter

Day 2

Tambrel – settlement east of the Wastes, a major trading and scavenging depot. Urban Encounters, Personal Plot, Night Hawks

Day 3

Camp out along the road

Day 4

Campout at Crossroads

Day 5

Daskavi’i Inn.  Small Inn with various other trading posts and shops around it.

Day 6

Vorakis, city state ruled by the Lord/Lady Abin-Dula

Day 7

Over the Foothills of The Rift, Camp Out

Day 8

Old Waystop Inn

Day 9