The Khitan Campaign

The Khitan Campaign

This is a series of Play by email messages between me and the player of Khitan.  It shows how he effected the story of the Dragon War campaign.

Name: Khitan’s Axe  (you may rename if you like)

Organization Type:  Moderate-sized underground Mercenary Group.

Area of Influence: The Outer Rim, many sectors, light to moderate influence.  Agents are currently wide spread though out several systems.

You have a shaky relationship with the Imperials, a severely negative relationship with the Rebels, and some races in the sectors your organization covers want you dead, while others serve you like a god.  For full explanation, see Background Material.

Campaign Goal: To capture, dead or alive, the pair of operatives from the Corporate Sector, known as the Dirty Pair.  If the are alive, take to Jabba the Hutt for him to deal with.  You are to dedicate as many to this job as possible, as agents come available.  Agents will be spread across the sectors, and it will be up to you to gather sufficient force, follow intelligence reports from the underground, deal with other jobs, replace dead agents, contend with random happenstance occurrences that effect your progress, Imperial interference, Rebel sabotage, and many other challenges to get your men to their destination.  See Rules of the Game for Turn instructions, and Background Material for expansion of you goal, as well as your organizations structure.  There will be a map to follow that basically covers the planets in the campaign as well as others that might come into effect as the game progresses.


Report: From: Agent Yalisiar Hedge, Cell 23

Area:  Mid-Outer Rim area.

The targets appeared on board  an Ithorian homeship (large ID4-like space craft that houses several thousand Ithorian “Hammerheads”, and a “piece of their planet..”, along with resorts, parks, and large marketplaces)  They apparently spent some R&R time, as well as upgraded their ship, and resuppplied.  Their little trip was cut short when the Star Destroyer (SD) INTERRIGATOR showed up, with Imperial High Inquisitor Tremayne on board.  Apparently he’s after them, and has allied with a strange-acting Defel (wolfen creature with furr that only reflects UV light).  Some say this Defel is a Dark Jedi. Funny, there’s a Defel in the target’s party… might be worth looking into..

Also, infamous Jodo Kast (a bounty hunter that came from the same breed as Boba Fett, with the same armor, and similar ability) is after another in the party, an ex-stormtrooper or something.  Haven’t gotten his name yet.  But I’ve dealt with Jodo before.  I’ll contact him when I can, if he’s available.

Well, just before the targets left, in their true fashion, there was a thermonuclear detonation outside the ship that nearly destroyed my sensors, and then I lost them.  Their last heading was for the Alderaan system… I have heard rumors they’ve found treasure there… leftovers of the Royal Family that survived the Death Star attack.

Until I receive further orders, Cell 23 will pursue to Alderaan, and engage when possible.  Until next time…

HNet Log off//001:045:45

GM Notes:  This game is taking place only a few months after the first movie.  Empire Strikes Back doesn’t occur for another five years.  Any questions, just e-mail.  Yally is part of a two man team… which I haven’t placed on the map yet, but they will be the first contact.

One thing… we’re going to have fun with this, but remember, you’re the bad guy, and what happens to the bad guys in Star Wars?  Well, we’ll see…

May the Force be with you… (had too…)


Field Report:  Alderaan System

In pursuit of targets now.  Piloting through dense asteroid not easy due to residual EM interference from Death Star.  Thank the Makers they got rid of that thing.

Targets spent some time on board Omze’s Traveling Spaceport, which had stopped a few light years from here.  They sure left it in a hurry.  Rumor has it Vader’s in the area, and made a raid on the ship.  Omze didn’t hang around long.

Data has been acquired on the other human in the party, the ex-stormtrooper.  It’s Clarke.  He worked for us as an Axeman, for a while, back on Kessel. Seems Jodo Kast’s been hired by Grand Inquisitor Tremayne to hunt him down.  Tremayne apparently wants all these guys dead.

There’s seems to be talk of treasure and ghosts in this system.  The targets are apparently after one or both.  They left the Alderaan Acquisition Mining Outpost 11 a wreck, as per the M.O. of our targets. Target is in site… encountering what appears to be Imperial probe droids and battle droids.  Ships taken heavy hits, but they are too.  Attempting to force the tar……………

<transmission cut off>


Robert Hanson wrote:

> A question for you:  How much is my organization getting paid for the
> assassination of the Dirty Pair??  And, it was to assassinate right?  And who is paying the
> bounty??

The mission I thought I defined but it may have gotten lost in all the shit.  Well, it’s kinda changed since I first wrote it up… so let me see if I can get it right:

Campaign Goal:

To hunt down the Dirty Pair and capture if possible.  If capture alive, take to Jabba The Hutt. The mission changes if they seem to be making  contact with the Rebels.  If the Rebels seem to get to friendly with them and their company (the 3WA corporation; a corporation causing the trouble in the corporate sector), terminate with extreme prejudice, any and all associated.

Your benefactor is a conglomerate of criminal organizations, corporations, and governmental organizations based in the corporate sector.  Your mission contact is Jahad Kogit, who expects a report every turn.  Simply state your progress, and he’ll respond with any changes or bonuses.

You are currently being paid 100,000 per turn for the job for expenses, and the mission pays 5,000,000.  Yes, they are worth that much to many people.  And they knew you wouldn’t go cheap for such a goose chase.

>> Can a single agent that is not part of a cell still carry out commands?


>> Are there a certain number of crew required to pilot a vessel?

Good point.  1 for a Fighter. 2 for a Freighter.  4 for a Transport. You can hire temporaries at a cost of 5000 per.

>> Do all agents have the ability to fly a vessel?


>>Can I assume that all messages that I send use some type of encryption?


>> Do I contact my contacts directly, or does an agent need to deliver the message?

I like the agent delivering the message.  Its more politically correct, and it adds to your chances of increasing influence.  I guess you could contact them through a communication, or go yourself.  If you do it in person, it will be better than an agent going.  If you contact them through communications, it worse.  That’ll work.

>> Can I assume that my funds are stored in various locations, and can easily
>> be transferred from one system to another easily through electronic transfer?

Yes.  And it is secured. I like your moves thus far. I like your report structure.  It looks like this might work.  This is pretty cool.




Robert Hanson wrote:

> What would it take to blow up a freighter sized ship??
> I saw some grenades in the equipment list, but no high explosives…
> …and a detonator too.  Preferably a excellent quality timer detonator, a
> radio detonator just won’t do.
> …This is fun!  I’m going to try to make it a little interesting.  As far
> as the questions about the explosives, I’m just planning a little ahead…
> just in case.

Good question… I guess it all depends on how its done.  How it would  be placed.  Internally or externally?  Strategically placed or just  randomly placed?  If you want to have skilled person place it, I’ll have to decide which, if any, agents have the skill.  That’s shouldn’t be a  problem.  Now, to the actual explosives… hmmm…

<pause for  research>…

Most common explosive is Detonite – a charge is a “fist-size cube” to  quote the rules.  By the rules, it would take 6 to 8 charges to have a  chance of penetrating the hull ( I’m estimating their armor… I don’t  remember it off hand, but I think I’m close). To cause serious internal damage, if it was planted internally, you’d need 5 to 6 charges., to destroy, at least 8 charges.  Add the amount to  penetrate armor and internal damage to get the amount if the bomb was  placed externally, and you wanted to cause internal damage….11 to 16  charges, and that’s with average rolls for damage (this system rolls D6  for damage).  Cost: 1000 per charge

There is also Shaped Charges, that take more time & skill to set, but  cause more damage for less.  For about half the amount of charges, you  a lot more damage, but it’s more expensive, and harder to get.  Cost:  5000 per charge

Timer detonators, motion sensitive detonators, heat sensitive detonators,  sonic-sensitive,  there’s even rumors of Force-Sensitive detonators…but only rumors. Hi Quality, Timer Detonators will cost 1200 a piece.

This is all through the Black Market, of course.  If the Imperials knew  you were shopping for this stuff, oh boy… but they don’t, yet.


Omze Intel Report

>>Encoded Message >>

To: Khitan

From: Jahad Kogit  _

I know a little about him.  Omze is a hard being to track down. Omze is an eccentric Sludir (Large beast-alien with six legs, two arms,  with an extended thick snout, 4-nostrils; centauroid type creature), who commands Omze’s Incredible Traveling Starport, which is basically a Neutron-class bulk cruiser refitted with internal and external starports.  He only knows his flight plan, and announces it last minute, and can spontaneous change that plan at any time.  He traditionally host to all kinds of riffraff, including smugglers, fugitives, and criminals.  Several crime organizations pay high prices to be based on his ship.  He has no customs, and very few rules.  His security force is made up of mostly Rodian mercs.  His ship is host to a large black market outlet. His starship facilities are some of the best in the Outer Rim.

He has a problem with humans, though.  In fact, he hates them.  He charge any human captain 3 to 4 times the normal docking fee, if he lets them in at all.  He does not tolerate violence on his ship at all.   So I’d be careful.

I offer this to you for free.  I did inquire about his whereabouts recently, and discovered that the targets have visited  his establishment, and left in great haste.  They stayed for a few days, with their companions, 2 humans, a droid, a Defel, and a Shistavenen-wolfman… someone had mentioned previously, maybe you, that they were traveling with an Ewok, but he did not appear to be with them at all.  They apparently had some hyperdrive trouble and were forced to dock.  Surprisingly, Omze let them dock.  Apparently, one of the dirty pair, I believe it was Yuri, was a big hit with many onboard, including Omze.  She apparently was drugged by someone, and she went on….. shall we say.. a fun spree.  Rumor has it that she was set up and drugged by a rival, someone named Shasti. I don’t know much about her, only that she would be on 3WA files.  Towards the end of their stay, Imperial showed up, with Darth Vader in the lead, and everyone scattered.  Of course, Vader’s there to look for the Heroes of Yavin….. that farmboy from Tatooine, Han Solo, and the girl from Alderaan……. what was her name?   Now, there’s a nice bounty… but I heard you don’t like getting involved in politics.  Funny though,  the party your after also has a boy (Bastian), a brunette (Yuri), a tall fury creature(pick either Mishavek or Parax), a brash human rogue (Clarke), and at least one droid….. ya think….. naaa.

Well, if I can be of anymore service, let me know.  But anymore might cost ya some pay.

Until your next report…

<< End Of encoded message>>> HNet::786.098.22


OK… I went into more detail with your orders, and saw a few things.  The orders to C006 for Diplomacy… is that just to improve relations?  I assume it is.

Now I did that Omze report thing wrong.  I read your orders wrong, thinking you were asking Jahad about Omze, but that’s OK.  Same net effect.

One allied request comes back quick….

>>>  Transmission start…

Your group of men in the Dauphern system pursued their apparent targets into the Alderaan system.  They got into some pretty hairy stuff, from the reports. A group of our men watched as their targets proved to be the better pilots.  It is unclear whether an asteroid hit them or the targets took them out, but they didn’t recover anything bigger than a mynock’s wing.  Definitely no suvivors…  We’re sending a fresh group out to the area, because we lost our men shortly after your went down.

It’s a pleasure doing business…

>>> end of transmission


… and an Intel report….

Intel Report on Vamp’s Groom – Wer Roth-Ul

Occupation: Bar Tender-Bouncer at the YardStar Bar & Grill in Mos Eisley; underground pit fighter

Organizations: Member of a body building & martial arts guild in Mos Eisley.  Involved in an underground pit fighting ring, called the Brother of Halshiarus.  No enemies their.  All very honorable.

Family: One son, 16 standard years; Ukadep.  Former wife killed by a over-zealous stormtrooper. Has a coach, a human named Kenneth Marcott, who is now missing.

Other Notes:  Had plans in either joining the Axe or the Rebel Alliance.  He had not decided yet.  He had very little money.  Won a few fights in his life, lost a few by submission.  Vamp met him at the bar.


… and another Allied Request….


Transmission start>>>>

The death of Wer Roth-Ul –

Tatooine is a hard place top get that kind of information, especially in Mos Eisley.  Our intelligence gathering resources figure it one of two things… a former opponent from the pit who has gone renegade, or someone who was a very bad shot, and wanted to get Vamp instead.  It was done by a projectile weapon, silenced.  The gun was found but the gun man never found.  The weapon had no significant markings, and no way trace it.  It was quite a common weapon.  If the gunman was the latter, it could be someone after your agents.

End transmission>>>>>>>>>>>>


These reports can not be acted on until next turn.  That’s about it, for right now.  I’m including a copy of the Rules and your reports, and a character list…

I’ve finally got somewhat organized, so things are getting better…

Robert Hanson wrote:

> Damn! …Clarke would have to say that!

As far as Clarke goes, he was pretty quick in responding, and it was pretty clear he’s working against you now.


Field Report:  A003 – P03: Bespin

>>> Message Begin >>>>

There was a large build up of Imperial Forces around Alderaan, including a very special Super Star Destroyer.  Vader was setting a trap for the Princess Leia and her companions.  Apparently that failed, and the Imperials realized they had the wrong group.  This group included two females from the Corporate Sector… they fit the Dirty Pair description very well.  Their was some fighting in that area, the Imperials lost some TIEs, and then left the Area.  The reports I have acquired describe a ship similar to the Dirty Pair’s Lovely Angel still in the Alderaan system, searching for something.

I was also able to intercept some messages originating from an unknown location to this area.  They were encoded, and unreadable, but definitely Rebel Alliance.  Another message originating from the Corporate Sector to that area was also received.  It had signature encoding of the 3WA corporate hi-security code.  The rest was indeterminate.

And finally, their was another personal message originating from Tatooine (P012) to area.  It was not encoded, but the EM interference scrambled some of it.  It is attached.  There was a response but it was encoded.  We’re still trying to decode it.  I’m going to need some creds to pay these guys… it look like it a special corporate sector code.  Its going to cost 16000 to get it decoded.

–>> From: Shasti
–>> To: <<>..<l”[]….
–>> Message Begin:
–>>  Tell me your next port, and I’ll meet you there….
–>>     Love Shasti   << graphic depiction of a kiss >>
–>> Message End

Awaiting further orders…


This is one report of many… still working on the rest.  I figured you should get t he most important first.  You can react to this in any way, and have one Follow Up report from this Agent  (new rule I’m working on…. One Follow Up report from each Agent per turn…. something like that.)

Other reports will trickle in.


I think this covers everything.  All active Agents got experience.  I  updated the reports with new headlines.  I have their mission reports.   Forget what I said about follow ups… we’ll just say you transferred  the money (16000), and the agents will get back to you with the  translation.  That’s included here.

If I’m missing something, let me know.  The reports show your syndicates  state at the beginning of turn 3 before orders are sent.

Report text to follow….

>>>Message start>>>


Mission Report 1: C001- Investigation into Wer Roth-Ul’s Death.

It got pretty messy, but looking around got us intangled in a black war  that not many knew about.  Their is apparently a small rival pit  fighting syndicate trying to eliminate the competition, called the  Blades of Blood Society.  We got a little banged up at one of their  “meetings”, but we all survived.  We were able to establish contacts  within both organizations.

So Roth was nailed by the Blades assassins, in an attempt to ruin the  brothers.  If you want us involved, we could clean this mess up rather  well.    The Brothers are willing to pay 12000 for our help.


Mission Report 2: C005- Diplomacy with Con010

Axar Folcyrmen is up for the challenge, but it’ll cost 80000 upon  completion.  Apparently he’s heard of the targets.


Mission Report 3: C006 – Diplomacy with O028

This did not go well.  No one told us Fedgrar’s Hi-tech Guild   was a non-alcoholic organization.. some kind of religious thing for the  founder.  So the Lum I brought did not go over well.  Perhaps if you  sent more creds, we could patch things up.


Decoding Results from A003

We broke it.  It was definitely from the Lovely Angel (the DP ship)

–>>  Message From: Bastian

–>>  Message to: Shasti

–>>  We’re heading to Tresidiss.  Look forward to seeing you there.

–>>  Bring the black teddy.

–>> End Message>>


>>>Message End>>>


Cell Field Report 1

Cell Field Report: C001

Vamp reporting.

I have decided to join the Brothers and fight for the honor of Roth.   All winnings will be sent to you until I have paid you back for the  money with 100% interest.  I am in training now.  Zinger is helping in  the training.  Thank you for this opportunity.  I’ll let you know when  this is all over.


Cell Field Report 2

Cell Field Report: C002

We have talked to a few of Jabba’s boys and have found out that amoung  all the other things he is doing, Boba Fett is also looking for Clarke.   He apparently wants to pass on a message.



Intel Report #1

C003 Reporting

Intelligence on Shasti:

The information we were able to gather is sketchy, because most of  it’s  classified info that only Corp. Sector Authority has access to.   But there is a bit of information unrelated to Shasti that we did find  out.  But first Shasti:

Race: Human Female (BioGen Human)

Birth Place: 3WA labs somewhere in the Corporate Sector

Age: Unknown

Occupation:  All around terrorist and criminal; assassin, and mercenary

Wanted By the Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) for numerous crimes.

She apparently has a vendetta or something against the Lovely Angels.  Her picture is included with this file.

The other information we found is that the communication from the 3WA  corporate headquarters has stopped.  Everything related to the 3WA has  been shutdown.  No one in the CSA is talking about it. Interesting….



Cell Field Report 3

Cell Field Report: C005

Money delivered.  Axar Folcyrmen heading for Tresidiss


Cell Field Report 4

Cell Field Report: C006

Gift Delivered.  They send their regards and understanding of the  mistake.  No harm done.


>>==============Imperial Encoded Message =======================

From: Gen. Ephire Quicmun-McKin

To: Khitan

Subject:  The Lovely Angel

Yes, this ships name has been circulating around for a while.  I will  certainly tell my contacts in the area of Tresidiss to be on the look  out.  If they are sighted, I’m sure they will make things difficult for  them.  Thank you again for your information, and your service to the  Empire will not go unnoticed.


Just for your info, if you didn’t know already, 3WA is the corporation  that the Lovely Angels works for, and this corp is not well liked in the  Corporate Sector (where they are located). That should be all the reports you need.  I’m ssending three pictures  along with the Excel File.  If I missed anything, let me now


Free Intel:

There seems to be odd activity around the city of Tralas, on Tresidess. Apparently several of the smaller rival organizations are increasing their presence in that area of the primary continent.  Also, there is talk of a major summit of the heads of the ruling clans on Tresidess, in Tralas.


======  Begin Encoded Transmission =======

INTEL REPORT:  “Lovely Angel”

FROM:  Norang’s Scavengers Intelligence Dept.

In regards to your query about the ship, the Lovely Angel, this is what we could dig up:

Craft: Ghtroc Ind. Class 720 freighter (modified)

Type: stock light freighter, with some special modifications for use with the 3WA fleet.

Length: 35 meters.

Crew: 1 to 2 crew

Passengers: 10

Cargo: 100 metric tones, standard;  actual unknown because of all the modifications made.

Hyperdrive: It is issued one, but the speed is unknown.

It is a fast, highly maneuverable ship, with many modifications to the sensor arrays, and hull to make it hard to find.  It is armed a little more heavily than the standard Ghtroc 720, but no one has gotten close enough to tell how much.  Anything else specific, we don’t know.

Another note you might be interested in is that they have acquired at least 1 more ship, a blast boat. (A ship slightly bigger than a fighter, that can take 3 crew.  Heavily armed).  Also, there is a possibility that they have another more-threatening ship.  For a time, a ship has been seen popping in and out of Hyperspace all around here.  Since the Lovely Angel left, no one has seen this “ghost” ship.  We suspect that the targets have some how acquired that ship, and got it under control.  It looked like an old Alderaanian War-Frigate… big ship.  There is a legend that all the weapons of the Alderaanian were put on a ship once, a long time ago before the Empire, and sent off into Hyperspace, and this might be that ship.  If that’s true, they got quite a bit of firepower, even if it is old Clone War-stuff.  Look around, and see if someone has recently bought large quantities of Clone War relics, and I’ll bet you you’ll find your targets.

Just figured you’d be interested.



TO: Khitan of Khitan’s Axe

FROM:  Eree “Pod”  Geldhyde


Thank you for this opportunity, and I hope this short overview of my history and experience will be to your liking.

NAME: Eree Gre Geldhyde SPECIES:  Kian’Thar

SEX: Male


My homeworld is Delassin VI.  I was born 76 years ago in a corporate-sponsored Aqua-Farm, intended to be a slave herder for the Retlian Waverunners (A species of winged-fish that ride the surf.  A delicacy in the Old Republic).  I was born during a major hurricane, which destroyed most of the complex, leaving the slaves to fend for themselves.  I survived on the waverunners, until I grew old enough to escape on my own.  At 3 yr. of age, I left to Stend IV where I started my apprenticeship in the art of freelance war-making.

(Years are in PreE- Pre- Empire, PstE – Post Empire, based on the day the Empire was “actualized”, roughly 20 years ago)

059 PreE to 041 PreE: Apprenticed with E’Yuskil Equitrex, the great mercenary warrior trainer of Varonat.  Developed experience in many martial art styles, and trained an assorted ordinances.  Involved with the local pit-fighting team, as well as the marine-combat simulation team.

042 PreE -011 PreE: Joined E’Yus’s personal team of mercenaries as the Old Republic began to fall apart. Worked on various enforcement jobs for various corporations

012 PreE -002 PreE: Seeing the Empire coming, the merc group disbanded.  I traveled to my homeworld to try my hand at aqua-farming.  During this time, I had an encounter with the mysterious alien race calling themselves the Pretiliard.  They became indebted to me and said they would return to free the sector of injustice.  They continue to contact me to this day in strange and mysterious ways.  I can only say they must be some kind of Force-attuned race.  They have proven useful in my career.

001 PreE – 019 PstE: Hired by the Son’s of Treliar to fight in the 8th  Highlights of my stay with them are as follows:

Battle of Gredoshia: A cooperation hired us to oust some homesteaders.  After we destroyed the town, we helped rebuild the area, enslaving the towns people, and restarted the area’s economy ten times what it was before, with most of the profits going to the corp.

Battle of Hec’s Canyon: On a remote barren planet, where the Sons planned to relocate, we encountered a large group of hostile aliens.  In this battle, many lives were lost, but my helpers from the past miraculously arrived to salvage the battle.  The group of alien beings were wiped out, and my “friends” left with out saying a word.   In this battle, I was wounded, and my lung and left eye had to be replaced by implants.

Battle of Nilanthra – This battle was our first Empire-job, and it involved overthrowing the local government. The trick was not letting on that the Empire had anything to do with it.

The Sons disbanded after the market in our sector dried up.  The Empire’s strength grew in that area, so we quit and went our separate ways.  I came back here to find new employment.  I heard through the underground you’re being paid large quantities to find a pair of human females, and figured I might be able to add my services.  Any questions, feel free to H-mail me.


Kian’Thar- A species of amphibious creatures, with heads like that of an octopus without the tentacles.  They are long-lived, and age quickly in their early stages of life.

Further background checking confirms the battles listed as well as the merc teams.  You’ve heard of the trainer he apprenticed under, and he is a legend in your field.  Your old boss served under him for a while.  The other things he doesn’t list you find out also.

From other Kian’tharian from that world that know him, you find out that he was cursed at birth by the tribal shaman, to carry a family-curse that was long thought gone.  The hurricane, despite giving them freedom, also killed many of the slaves, and was blamed on him.

He also has a jaded taste for Hifarian Spice, which is an expensive addictive narcotic that can only be taken while submerged in seawater, or it is deadly.  But it doesn’t seem to have effected his performance.

He is also a very well-known knife maker, which he humbly did not mention.  Eree’s knives are sought after by many amateur dealers.

His salary request is higher than you’d expect from a new hire, but not too high for a being of his stature and experience.

As a final note, considering what I rolled up for his background, I decided to upgrade his experience level from N (Novice) to X (Experienced).


Encoded Transmission

Report: C003

Planet: Tresidiss

Have spotted the targets.  Not only did we see them on the news after the disaster, but we also saw them afterwards.  Herglic Clan security is holding them in City Hifferval, in the Cranelmor Hotel.  They are under heavy guard.  It is unsure how long they will be held here, but meanwhile, there are reports of covert activity by unknown parties around their ship.  I think it’s your imperial friends a visit. The reports say that there are 4 unknown human inspectors thumbing around their, tearing it apart.

What would you like us to do?

End Transmission


Imperial Transmission: Encoded

From: Imperial General Ephire Quicmun-McKin

My contact , Commander Trasiad Farley, Sector Customs Commander, Tressidis system, has at this moment dispatched three inspectors along with a team of spec ops troopers to “inspect” our target.  I hope his work will be satisfactory.  It was very lucrative for him, because anytime we decide to pay Tresidiss a visit, the Herglic clans pay big to keep it quiet.

If I can be of any further use to you, feel free to ask.  I hope you will do the same when I’m in need.

End Transmission

CONTACT REPORT 1—————————–

Imperial Transmission: Encoded

From: Imperial General Ephire Quicmun-McKin

My contact , Commander Trasiad Farley, Sector Customs Commander, Tressidis system, is now unavailable, so contacting him is impossible.  I took great risk asking him to do what he did.  Please, the empire is not a delivery service.

Which brings me to what I need from you.  The last report my contact received from his team was that their mission was a success, the ship was completely disassembled, their presence was undetected, and they were on their way out.  They haven’t reported back since, and Imperials never forget to report in.  Do you have any information about them?  I’d appreciate any assistance you can give me in this effort, since you have people their, undoubtedly.  Payment will be in the form of further delaying the inspection of your ships for contraband one more month.  Thank you.

End Transmission

FIELD REPORT 1============================================

Encoded Transmission

Report: C003

Planet: Tresidiss

First of all, sir, we heard the stories about these two, but we didn’t believe them, even after the quake.  But we do now.  There is some kind of black cloud over them.

First thing to report is that we have encountered Axar Folcyrmen.  He was some what insistent that we help him and his croanies in an acquisition attempt on the DP.  Well, that didn’t go over too well.   The targets apparently went to the Starport security office to report their ship had been “vandalized” (wonder how that happened), and Axar had some friends in star port security.  We used those contacts to trap them, but a wookie stepped out at the wrong time, and went berserk, shredding two of Axar’s men in half, and fowling up the entire acquisition.  We decided to call off the attempt instead of risk our own necks at the hands of a berserk wookie. (Have you ever seen a berserk wookie before?  Not a pretty site.) The targets escaped out the same exit Axar friends used to get out.

Well, the targets apparently have lost parts to their ship, including their hyperdrive and their back up hyperdrive (…was that part of the plan?).  they’ve been scouring the city for them.  The apparently found out who took apart their ship, and chased them down.  The recruited help from many of the local swoop and airspeeder gangs, and in doing, started a city-wide riot that really ripped the city apart from the inside out.  The authorities lost total control.  The DP chased down four shuttles, which turned out to be full of Imperial spec ops guys.  In less than 30 seconds…that 30 seconds… the DP and friends wiped out the entire lot of them.  No Imperial survived.  Were they friends of ours?  Should we have helped?

We temporarily lost the targets, but we know they are still on planet, because they have a team of droids still assembling their ship.  The head droid is a mean assassin droid, so it’ll be difficult to get close.

BTW, the quake, and the resulting stories of the DP involvement has inspired someone on the west cost of the primary continent here to run a Kei-and-Yuri Convention.  Apparently, these to have quite a cult following stemming from their CSA escapades.

End Transmission


Contact Report:  Con010:  Axar Folcyrmen

I would appreciate it if you let me do my job with out your pestering.  If you don’t like it, take it up with the Rosh.  I expect complete freedom, and cooperation from your men, and you’ll get your targets.  They have pissed me off for the last time.

Also,  I would like a complete and more recent intelligence report on the zoo these two are traveling with.  If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it poor intelligence.  I was unaware of a wookie in the party, and as it has happened, he disrupted everything I was trying to do.  Please send me a report as soon as you can.

I made an attempt at an acquisition, and it failed.  Imperials are apparently in the area, from the rumors I’ve heard, so I’m backing off a little.  You’re agents can move if they like.  Also, I’ve heard Jodo Kast is in the area.  He may or may not be after the same targets, but I plan to take them before he does.




Transmission Begins:

From:  Eree Geldhyde

To: Khitan

Thank you for the opportunity.  I am at your service.

CONTACT REPORT 1—————————–

Imperial Transmission: Encoded

From: Imperial General Ephire Quicmun-McKin

I have had enough.  These two must be dealt with once and for all.  I thank you for your loyalty to the Empire.  It will not go unrewarded.  At great risk to my credibility, I will handle the situation in an Imperial way.

End Transmission

FIELD REPORT 1============================================

Encoded Transmission

Report: C003

Planet: Tresidiss

We have been delayed, sir.  It seems that rumors of an Imperial raid have sturred up the locals.  People are leaving the planet in droves.  It also seems that we have lost them but only temporarily.  Their ship is still here, and it is under heavy guard.  These guards work for a woman by the name of Jacklynn Badlander.  She a well known pirate and manages a starship chop-shop here.  She’s had a few bad run-ins with the Empire, so she might be a Rebel sympathizer.  We have staked out their ship 27 hours a day.

Jodo Kast made his move with what I count as nearly twenty well armed goons.  Lets just say he won’t be a problem anymore.  Other than that and a couple of Axar’s goons getting waxed, everything is quiet.  We await the DP to return from where ever they went.  The word is that that parts of their ship were sold to the pirates of Prexiar.  If that’s where they are, they may not come back.  I’d contact Vangar to find out.

End Transmission

FIELD REPORT 2============================================

Encoded Transmission

Report: C002, C009, C012

Planet: Tresidiss

Acknowledged.  The last we heard, they have left planet temporarily.  We await their return.

End Transmission

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