11: The Masking & The Misguided

11: The Masking & The Misguided

ESB, + 1 month

Where: Planet Elrood

SUBTITLE: Operation Elrood – Industrial Intrigue Part I

On the trip to their next destination, the Dragon Jedis received a visitor, who warned them “hide your destiny”. In order to hide from the Shadow Drakes, they must follow different destinies; help others in their destinies. This will mask them from the forces of the Shadow Drakes. They could not use their powers, most especially their Dragon Powers.

Escaping the exploding G-11 Space station, the group traveled to the next destination indicated in data retrieved from the first safe house: Elrood System. There, they would contact the CEO of the Radell Mining Corporation (RMC), to find a 3WA safehouse in his charge. The omen of over-simplicity told them that this would not go down the way they hoped. Their fears would proven true immediately as they docked.

As they walked through the space port terminal, an explosion rocked the entire space port. An RMC office with in the terminal had exploded by an apparent terrorist bomb, and the characters were forced to give chase. Within seconds, the party had helped apprehend the fanatical terrorists, and they were handed over to RMC authorities. Tathis had noticed a group of stormtroopers who seemed to be helping the battle, but as he looked closer, realized the troopers were using a low-level blaster setting, lower than stun (equivalent of blanks).

This behind them, they proceeded to seek the best way to contact the corporate exec of RMC. They set out to the streets to search for the information. In their search, several familiar faces turned up. Tremayne appeared accompanied by Shasti and an old friend of the group, Quinton. Boba Fett, and a small group of bounty hunters showed up, including Boskk, apparently on the way to something important. Krull, the new bounty hunter who was apparently after Quinton, decided to follow Quinton, and his company. Krull was captured, and taken by Tremayne to dungeons unknown. A young Talon Karrde also appeared for a short cameo.

They also found out about that RMC was looking to start a mining operation on a planet called Alluuvia, and a fanatical cult was attempting to stop them. Under the guise of a dragon-cult, they claimed that Alluuvia was a burial ground for ancient warriors of a great war. They were responsible for several bombings, including the one in the space port. Alexander, in an attempt to learn more about their enemies, joined the cult. He found out that a notorious terrorist, called the Rancor, had taken on their cause and had big plans to shut RMC down once in for all. He said, “They will know, when they were called.” To the masses of the dragon cult. He followed the Rancor to a secret meeting with someone, to find that Quinton himself was dealing in Dragon artifacts (from Bofa II) with the cult to bolster the Rancor’s power in the cult.

Krull later appeared again, oblivious to what happened to him. Upon Jedi-examination, they had determined his eye had been removed and replaced by a crystalline eye; an item all too familiar… another Dragon item. The removed it, replacing Krull’s eye with a cybernetic eye.

The party heard that RMC was looking for a group of Rebels for a job, so the party decided to volunteer. They went to the RMC HQ, gave the proper passwords, and were invited into the upper levels of the immense RMC HQ tower. The job was to follow the trail of another Rebel scout group lost in the nebulous Drift. Find their ship, and them. They were to search for a newly discovered planet, called Alluuvia. The cult was going to make any attempt to stop RMC, and if it wasn’t them, it would be the pirates in the Drift who would try to stop RMC. The party accepted.

Alarms sounded as soon as the meeting were over, and suddenly the entire building seemed to shut down. Emergency-plasti-shielding covered the windows, power went out, defense systems engaged, sealing everyone inside. This had to be the cults doing. The Rancor appeared on all the monitors in the building. He told everyone that he had taken over the buildings systems, and set up a dangerous explosive attached to a nasty bio-weapon ready to go off. If anyone could find it, they could shut it down. They had one hour.

The party scrambled to spread their resources to the best of their effectiveness. The had several tasks, and in the nick if time, they were able to find the location of the explosive, and the Rancor. He apparently wanted to make himself a martyr. The Rancor was using the dragon artifacts to summon dark magics, but the Jedis were able to get passed them, silence him, and disarm the bomb. The crystalline skull the Rancor was using overtook him, turning into this crystalline being of obscene appearance. The Jedi summoned up a hyperspace gateway, throwing the creature into it. They caught a glimpse of something as it closed… a familiar super-star destroyer.

They saved the RMC tower. One of the largest corporations in the sector was in their debt. To complete their mission, they offered to upgrade the Lovely Angels sensors in order to navigate the Drift. The had to dock in the orbiting space station for the upgrades.

The station started out as a quiet vacation, but turned into a nightmare real quick. The bar they were partying in suddenly turned into another terrorist attack site. These guys were getting on the party’s nerves. In the ensuing battle, where the party ought off a group of Barabels and neutralize an armed proton torpedo warhead, they didn’t see the deft and skilled coynite assassin team kidnap Yuri and Harry.

They finished off the terrorists, and found the trail left by the coynites. It lead them to the Lovely Angel, where the coynites were attempting to steal the ship, and take the prisoners. The party had more than a few words for them. The fight ended with the coynites forced into servitude to the party. The Jedi told them to prepare for the coming war. They were able to find out that the coynnites were sent by an old friend of the Dirty Pair, Chief Gooley, their former boss who has apparently turned against the remaining 3WA, and killing all the executives.

The set out, with a Rebel named Parek; a member of the missing Rebel team who was released by the pirates to deliver a ransom note. They launched from the space station (which actually remained intact.), and into the Drift.

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