The Mhemne

The Mhemne

Humanoid race of the Libertas system (FS-30). They look like humans with a fur coat. Currently being subjugated by the Sathar. The Mhemne Society is made up of

Ice Worlds or Home worlders

Originally pacifist communist/socialistic aristocrats now fragmented resistance on the homeworld. Adhering to their communist ways, they cast out their pacifist ways and are “fighting comrades” (a la Soviet Armies in Leningrad)

They were the most advanced faction technologically before the invasion.

Confederates or Colonials or High Colonists

Freedom loving independents, they are a conglomeration of loosely allied colonial states located throughout the various colonies and space stations. Formed from groups that fled the totalitarian government of the home world, they are divided up in various sub factions that compete for power in the High Colonies.

During the Belter War, allegiances were divided between the Home worlders and the Belters.

Sathars have subjugated the Colonials by political means, convincing certain factions to collaborate while manipulating the political structure to keep the factions internally struggling while the Sathars build their ships. They use the Colonial factions against each other to keep the peace, essentially.

Main Factions: Federalists (freedom loving capitalists), Kasholists (fanatically religious), Unionists (Socialists), Syndicate (alliance of crime families). There are also the Renegades (bands of pirates, terrorists, anarchists and raiders).


Technologically, the least advanced of the factions.

They are formed from the outcasts, criminals, and fringers that were given a choice by the Homeworlders – live in prison or work in the Belt mines.

There is a hodge-podge of scavenged and stolen tech. They covet any kind of tech they can use. They are good engineers, techs and scavengers. They can reverse engineer just about anything.

They are divided into clans, but rarely openly fight each other. Their united hatred of the Home worlders and now the Sathars keep them from openly going to war against each other. However, covert actions are not unheard of.


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