The Missing: Crew of the Halstarr’s Shard

The Missing: Crew of the Halstarr’s Shard

The Truane’s Star Expeditionary Service (Truane’s Star) funded secret expedition, Operation Shadow Sails.  Using the exploration ship, the Halstarr’s Shard, the ship sets out to explore the Nebular and the Zebulon system.  After entering the new pass through the Fingers, it is never heard from again.

Xagyg Dust Nebula Expedition X102F

Expedition Mission: Officially X102F was intended to map new regions of the Xagyg Dust Nebula for military defense and government-reimbursed commercial investment. Careful analysis of biological activities of deep space organics will be pursued, requiring additional biological expertise.

Louis V. Jackson

Commander, Truane Defense Force, Pale, Truane’s Star

Physical Details: Human Male, 1.9 m, 88 kg, 43 yrs

Expertise: Leading deep space exploration missions; military security.

Security Profile: Jackson’s commanders on New Pale reported that he had become disillusioned with defending the New Pale terraforming project against attacks by successionist forces, and some suspected that he might have hold some sympathies for their position. Since this time, Jackson has been transferred to and eventually commanded successful deep space missions with few political complications and has been praised highly by the TDF admiralty.

Brief History:

FY64: Commander Xagyg Nebula Expedition X102F

FY62: Commander Xagyg Nebula Expedition X99F

FY61: Commander Asteroid Survey Mission A401.3

FY51 to FY61: numerous Asteroid Survey & Deep Space Mining Escort Missions

FY43 to FY51: Security detail New Pale.

FY43: Entered TDF


Biotechnician, Skelton Pharmaceuticals, New Pale, Truane’s Star

Physical Details: Vrusk Female, 1.5 m, 85 kg, 32 yrs

Expertise: Bioprospecting new ecosystems for new pharmaceuticals

Security Profile: Left Barwoods Pharma. on Pale shortly before the company collapsed due to a contamination scandal and subsequent lawsuits. Was hired at a substantially higher position at Skelton Pharma. on New Pale. Cleared by Star Law for violation of professional ethics; not known to be involved in the New Pale successionists;  cleared by the TDF as a government contractor.

Brief History:

FY64: present Xagyg Nebula Expedition X102F

FY 58-64: Exobiology Group Leader, Skelton Pharma, New Pale

FY 54-57: Research Technician, Barwoods, Pharma, Pale


Professor of Geology, Capital University, Pale, Truane’s Star

Physical Description: Yazirian Male, 2.1 m, 50 kg, 52 yrs

Expertise: Geophysics with a specialty in planetary crust formation

Security Profile: Geeko-Sur-Mang only security-related records are a number of minor parking violations in and around the Capital University campus.

Brief History:

FY64: Xagyg Nebula Expedition X102F

FY49: Truane’s Star VII Crystal Drilling Expedition

FY44: Associate Professor Geology, Capital University

FY41-44: Assistant Professor Geology, Capital University


Truane’s Star Civil Servant, Pale, Truane’s Star

Physical Description: Dralasite, 65 kg, 85 yrs

Expertise: Inventor and technician, developer of the hydro-magnetic stabilization system for Dralasite vehicles, fluid flow compressors for terraforming engines, and energy flow restrictors.

Security Profile: No criminal or military record.

Brief History:

FY64: Xagyg Nebula Expedition X102F

FY51: Support for Truane’s Star space expeditions

FY43-51: Assigned to Pale Power Infrastructure Redevelopment Project

FY34-43 Assigned to New Pale Terraforming Project

FY34 : Truane’s Star Civil Servant, Research and Engineering Division