The Mysterium Platonis

The Mysterium Platonis

System/Setting: True20 System/Fading Suns

Started: 5/22/2013

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Justinius Hawkwood hires a team to investigate some unfinished work.


3 years ago, a mission was sent to Bannockburn to investigate the Ancient ruins there. A Hawkwood agent was a member of the team. Unbeknownst to his team mates, he was implanted with a sub dermal bio-signs tracker. The focus of the investigation was the Monolith on MacAnee Island. The mission carried with them a device that was said to be related to the Monolith – something called the Resonux-Caudex.

The mission encountered Symbiots on McAnee Island. While battling the Symbiot onslaught, the team somehow activated the Monolith with the Resonus-Caudex and something happened. The sub dermal bio-signs tracker of the Hawkwood agent instantaneously transmitted from Pyre. The Muster subsequently found out about the Symbiot threat and nuked the island. The Resonus-Caudex was part of a collection of artifacts called the Enigmus Collection. These are all items found through interpreting the writings of two mad men – a series of transcripts called the Magnatius Chronicles and the Journal of Caen.

Gylan Magnatius: Early Second Republic paranoid recluse who specialized in robotics and cybernetics. Notoriously paranoid, he was said to have several hidden fortresses throughout the Known Worlds. He had one known trusted friend – a mutant named Brock who acted as his bodyguard.

Enigmus Caen : Late Second Republic psychopath and serial killer, he claimed to speak to angels. He was known to have visited at least once a gargoyle somewhere on a lost world. Was eventually committed to an asylum world, in the care of the Church. He continued to claim to hear voices of angels until he died.

Combing the Transcripts: Common elements of the writings allowed researchers to reach the conclusion that the two works were related. Deeply encoded in these transcriptions, were clues to the Enigmus collection, which eventually lead to the Resonus-Caudex, which was apparently a key to a planet bound personal teleportation device. These transcripts were written hundreds of years apart. Knowledge of a device like that would break the monopoly the Chariotteer have on gate travel.

More hidden secrets: Although the Resonus-Caudex was lost when the island was destroyed, the transcripts were retained. Sir Justinius, the Questing Knight of the Phoenix Throne, quested to learn more of these transcripts and their secrets. Hidden in the Journals of Caen was thought to be a design for another terraforming device (as he was at one time an apprentice of Doramos the Worldshaper). However as it turns out, it was something more.

Monolith Basics: After several quests to find other clues, Justinius was able to gain a general knowledge of how the Monolith work. It is theorized that the Monolith was associated to up to 8 platforms, some of which have been found in Known Space. It is assumed that once the center of the hub (the Monolith) is destroyed, the platforms are useless. There are also indications that there are MORE MONOLITHS. Also, it is theorized that, with the right key, Monolith to Monolith teleportation is possible. Justinius was on a quest to find other Monoliths when his father and brother passed and he was recalled to take over his father’s position, as ordered by the Emperor himself.

The Tabula Astrum: Further research into the transcripts revealed to Justinius the plans for a device called the Tabula Astrum. When completed, Justinius believes that it will help find and map the Monolith transit system and find other locations of the Monoliths. His greatest fear is that the Barbarians or worse yet, the Symbiots will find one that will allow them the teleporth deep into Known Space and raid deeper into the Realm. Justinius seeks help in completing the Tabula Astrum.


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