Alien Race: The Mystery of the Vru’ukrolians

Alien Race: The Mystery of the Vru’ukrolians

Going through my old Shatterzone books and my old Shatterzone NPC code gave me an idea to add stuff to it. One of the more attractive parts of the game material was the wide variety of art they would throw into the game. Some of that art was simply fluff with no stats or explanation. This was found in the Contact source book on one of the last pages.

At first glance, it appears as a simply and primitive species. Somewhat marsupial in appearance, I was inspired by its frail and unassuming look.

The Vru’ukrolians are an alien marsupial race found on an Inner Frontier world designated Vru’ukrol. They are a very mysterious race of primitive people. Their world is rich in exploitable resources, and the residing locals appear to be primitive and easily conquered. However no corporation or powerful faction has been able to conquer them. Each attempt at either force or negotiation has ended in mysterious capitulation by the more powerful faction.

After the independent scouts reports of a new found garden world rich in agricultural and mineral resources came in, a corporation once known as NovaSurge InterCorp ventured to exploit world. NovaSurge sent several colony ships along with a strong contingent of corporate marines. NovaSurge never heard from the convoy and soon after was swallowed up by Brodie in a hostile take-over. Reports are the convoy made it to the system, and was in orbit when the corporate communications lost contact. Subsequent scout recon missions found no trace of the convoy in orbit or on the surface. What they did discover was an apparent peaceful and primitive intelligent species – the Vru’ukrolians.

After the NovaSurge incident, Fleet took a passing interest in the region. They sent a small contingent from the Diplomatic Corp with their Marine escort to Vru’ukrol to negotiate with the natives. They were loaded up with bobbles and trinkets in hopes to persuade the natives to allow the Consortium access to some of their land. Their plan was to impress the primitive species with the “magic” of their technology in an attempt to scare and persuade.

Unfortunately, they underestimated the Vru’ukrolians.

While a by all reports it was a non-violent encounter, the Fleet diplomats returned with fear in their eyes. All the Marines that escorted them promptly retired. The diplomats were all committed to asylums on their home-worlds. The only personnel unaffected by the experience were those that stayed in orbit and they still have the occasional nightmare, reportedly.

All that Fleet could get out of their diplomats was that the negotiations failed. “Stay away from that world! It is protected!”

Fleet chose to designate the worlds as “hands off” and surround the system in sensor drones to ensure that no other ventures from within Consortium or otherwise disturbed the system or the world. However, this all change when a single communication left the system, reaching out to a single small mega-corporations within the nearby sector.

Kirkland Cosmodynamics – located in the nearby Theta Lagdan Cluster sector – reportedly was contacted by someone or something on Vru’ukrol with an invitation to establish a colony. They were given very specific instructions, including the specific locations they could exploit and explore, percentages of land usage, and levels of raw material yields allowed. For a small corporation like Kirkland, this was a massive boon that rocketed them to mega-corporation status practically overnight.

Adventure Seed

Kirkland Exploration


The PCs work for Kirkland Cosmodynamics and are given a mission to explore a previously unexplored valley. They are assured it is within their exploration area granted by the Custodians. They are ordered to stay clear of any encounter with the Vru’ukrolians – the primitive race on this world.


They are employed to do this work. Any discoveries will gain the group bonuses.

OPTIONALOutside of the boundaries: One PC is encouraged by a member of the board to explore beyond the boundaries of the Custodian’s limitations. The board member has intelligence of something outside the boundaries.

OPTIONAL – Spy: One of the players actually woks for another entity – a competitor corporation or Fleet itself.


Discoveries in this valley have lead to clues to a deep secret hidden on this world.


The discoveries lead to a revelation of the Custodians and the Vru’ukrolians.


There is more to what the discoveries reveal than the PCs realize.

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