The Nacaal

The Nacaal

The Nacaal are an alien race that once served Ra as special shock troops.  They were treasured by Ra as powerful warriors with unequalled psychic abilities.  They used their mind in combat as a weapon.  They are serpent-like creatures, with the head and torso of a humanoid and the lower body of a snake.


The Nacaal were a primitive race when Ra stumbled them but he saw potential in them and instead of wiping them out, he enslaved them.  The problem is, he did not know how much potential they had.  At the time, they were a humanoid race with reptilian traits but nothing like what they are now.  Ra enslaved them and in fact made a few incubators for other Goa’uld (like the Jaffa were later).

The Nacaal elevated Ra to one of the more powerful system lords early on in the system lord’s history.  The Nacaal shared in the victories and grew in their own talents and power.  While they fought by his side, they learned more and more about the Ancients and the Gates. It seemed like they were in tune with the Ancients the more and more the went through the Gates.  Their psionic abilities grew as well.

The Nacaal eventually plotted against Ra and as he discovered Earth and began to spread humans through out, their plot grew.


They were much more efficient at understanding Ancient Technology than Go’auld.  They were able to extract and reproduce a lot more.  They have larger ships, more agile fighters and better weapons.

Vimana’atz – Larger “Ha’tak” – like vessels.


Vimana’akt – Small “death glider”- like fighters


They use forms of teleport and shields closer to Ancient technology than Go’auld technology.

Tu’ki – Their Warriors carry short club-like weapons that fire like staff weapons but also act as stun batons.  They also act as a melee weapon.

Ki’hau – smaller hand weapon, less powerful than the Tu’Ki but still deadly. The Nacaal have no equivalent of the Zat gun, although the Ki’Hau can be set to stun, but usually is not.


The Nacaal are a unique race.  They have experimented in genetic engineering considerably in order to perfect their race.  Unlike many of the races in the galaxy, they do not seek to ascend.  They seek to be the rightful inheritors of the Ancient technology and knowledge.

The Nacaal now reproduce through the laying of eggs.  There is usually a sacred sight they designate as the Nest where the queens lay their eggs after being fertilized by their studs.

There are three major subspecies of the Nacaal –

  • Gaku – Royals. These are very rare.  There is usually one or two per world.  They are treated like Gods.  They are large in size, usually about 15 to 20ft in length and are primarily reptilian.  They have the lower body of a snake and an upper body of lizard.  They have two humanoid arms and power torso.  They are strongly psionic and can swallow whole.Some have been known to be born with feathered wings, but that has not happened in a long time.  Some believe that the wings were genetically manipulated out, while others (in the religious caste) believe that one may still come and unite the Nacaal and open an age of greatness for the race.

    The Queens – Gaku’iska – rules her world (or portion of the world) and lays the eggs to perpetuate the species. They are only seen during the seasons they are not mating with their Princes, and that is fairly rare.

    The Kings  – Gaku’ishva – is the voice of the queen and the leader of her armies and the primary Prince.  They are the most visible of the Royals and usually lead the worship of the Queen during the Hatching season.

  • Kulkan – Warriors – These royal guard the temples and palaces of the Nacaal (the Exalted).  They have the upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake.  They are Large sized. They are the officers and generals of the armies.
  • Hanu’epe – Agents – These are the most human-like of the Nacaal.  They have snake-like eyes but have the ability to hide them and appear more human-like.  They live amongst the human slaves as leaders and priests, manipulating the masses to follow and worship the Exalted.  Agents are also the foot soldiers of the Nacaal and answer to the Warriors.

Blessed Nacaal

Goa’uld Symbiot-bound Nacaal

Because Ra used some Nacaal like Jaffa, some (but not many) Goa’uld symbiots survived after the Nacaal isolated themselves.  These Goa’uld were experimented on and a new docile highbred was created.  They were less intelligent and their wills completely subdued however they retained the traditional Goa’uld benefits – fast healing, virtual immortality, naquada traits in the blood, and genetic memory.

The problem with this highbred is that there were not many made and cloning them is not always successful.  1 out of 10 survives to maturity.  So not many Nacaal are implanted.

Only Royals are implanted and there are only a few – maybe a half dozen.  These are called Blessed Royals and they have a handful of Blessed Warriors with them (Jaffa-like Warriors).   They all travel in large ships and never stay in one place.  They are worshiped like gods by all and many see their visit as a blessing.

Nacaal Feeding Habits

The Nacaal feed on meat – raw meat.  The Gaku Royals and Kulkan Warriors prefer human flesh above all.  The Warriors can even Swallow Hole a small human and prefer their victims to be live.  The Hanu’epe, however, can eat like normal humans, although they crave raw meet primarily d eventually satisfy that craving in secret.

Each world harvest humans in their own way.  Some manipulate the population in believing it is a blessing to the Queen-God while other work in some kind of sacrifice ritual.  This has been going on for millennia, so it is ingrained in the human societies the Nacaal rule over.  Many have taken to cloning farms and large storage facilities to store their human food.

The Nacaal appetite is not ravenous.  The Royals are the only ones that require human flesh on a regular basis and there are not enough of them to depopulate whole cities or towns.  The Warriors are given human flesh as reward by the Royals when they are deemed worthy, but usually eat animal flesh for the regular meals.

The only time the Queen needs a lot of human flesh is during mating season.  This is when the harvesting picks up a little and many humans are harvested.

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