The Pandemonium Entourage Mini-Campaign (Victory Point System)

The Pandemonium Entourage Mini-Campaign (Victory Point System)

This was our first and only attempted at Fading Suns Victory Point system and it was short lived.  We found we did not like the system and moved on to something else.  I started with the Pandemonium adventure and never got any further.


  • Aknesh Ulvyen – “Cousin to Shadows” – Ur’Ukari House Trouble-shooter
  • Father Artax the Humbled Orator – Ekatonic Travelling Priest
  • Morok the Enlighened Vorox – Vorox Engineer
  • Ven Han Sahen – Ur’Obun Psi-Dervish, House Juandaastas
  • Brother Mximilliam Augustas Xerxes – Brother Battle

Pandemonium Expansions

New Factions

  • The Blessed Sons of Ivers
  • The Cathedral Penitents
  • The Cult of Kandrask’Kor & The Kandrask’Kor Myth
  • The Lost City of voDoha’gask & The Cult of voDoha’gask
  • Black Project Engineers

Campaign Stuff

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