Planet Narus

Planet Narus



The Narusian Colony

The Human sovereignty colony on Narus was originally established covertly; unknown to the Human sovereignty government (except a few well paid officials) and the Alliance Council. During one the Human sovereingty’s most recent Expansion, a corporate exploration fleet from an Instel subsidiary corporation encountered a small task force of well-armed alien vessels. The fleet had strayed far from their original flight plan after several misjumps due to serious system malfunction (or so the report will read). They estimated that they were at least 20 light years outside of Farstat colonies, the furthest colonies in Human sovereingty space. The alien task force was patrolling the borders of the Talgorian Expanse, a small previously unknown stellar empire. The encounter went with out incident, and covert negotiations started soon afterwards between the corporation, Greshide Hyper Dynamics Technologies (GHDT) and the Talgorians. No notification was sent to the Human sovereignty or Alliance Council of these negotiations. The corporation looked at it as another corporate business deal that the government didn’t need to know about.

The negotiations were over the mining and exploration rights with in the Talgorian Expanse. In return, the corporation will give the Talgorians equal compensation in the form of their choice; they chose technologies, specifically weapons and computer technologies. The deal was a very good one in the executive’s eyes. The Talgorians were even more delighted. As part of the agreement as a show of good faith, the Talgorians offered a planet for them to explore and mine; Narus. However, there was a condition; the corporation had to take over the current “harvesting” operation the Talgorians had on the planet. The Talgorians would train a team of GHDT workers and security operatives to run the processing plant at best efficiency, and they were free to add whatever modification they needed to increase productivity. They said that a Talgorian freighter would be scheduled to pick up product and drop off supplies. A simple operations with great dividends.

Narus was surveyed as a moderate garden world with a high mineral ore content. The mining potential was outstanding. GHDT moved in quickly. What they weren’t ready for was type of processing they were required to do.

Narus is home to the Narusian nomad tribes; a large population of low-tech intelligent aliens. These creatures are what is harvested. Their blood contains certain chemicals that act as drugs for specific clients of the Talgorians. This operation has been underway for several decades and only recently has the Narusians become aware and objective to the victimization. The Talgorians were spending too much in security after several riotous uprisings. They gladly handed the operation over to more capable owners. GHDT, with their eyes full of credit signs, were trained in the suppression, herding, and processing of Narusian blood.

It was at about this time that certain Human sovereignty officials became interested and began to secretly invest. For a part of the profit, these officials were willing to arrange for a garrison or two of Human sovereingty Marines as part of the security measures and keep any knowledge of the operation hidden from public view. However, these efforts to suppress the knowledge were not all successful. Arms smugglers and anti-corporate terrorist were able to acquire enough knowledge to begin arms trade routs with the tribes of Narus, and send “advisors” to train them in insurgency methods. The rebellion reached into new levels. The infamous arms smuggler Ramsey Dramius became the primary arms source for the Narusian movement, and the Human sovereignty want him bad.