09: The Re-Gathering

09: The Re-Gathering

Time Period: ESB, Battle Of Hoth

Where: Planets Hoth & Nar Shaddaa

After the ShadowChaser incident, the group split up to pursue their individual destinies.

Parax, Alexander, and Mishavek pursued their Dragon Destinies, as part of the Rebel Scout teams. They found an uncharted desolate world where they became stranded. Each had their own adventures there, and became closer to the Dragon Way. They were rescued and brought back to the nearest Rebel Base, on Hoth.

Bastian, Tathis, and the Wookie joined the Rebel Army, and were sent on many operations together. Bastian was given a name by his parent’s Last Will & Testament; his mother said it was someone he could trust in the Rebellion. He found this person and trained under him to learn the ways of a good scout and Rebel Operative. All three were finally assigned to ground duty on the Hoth base.

The Dirty Pair served the Rebellion in the freighter fleet, supplying outpost with needed materials. During their travels, they attempted to find out as much information as possible about the 3WA safe houses. They stumbled into a few battles, one in which Kei was gravely injured. Her legs were replaced with bionic replacements. They were finally assigned to take supplies to the newest Rebel HQ, on a desolate ice world of Hoth. There, they would meet up with Clarke to help him in his supplying of his clones to fight the Empire.

Clarke’s destiny lay on the planet Rotut, where he found a large colony of escaped, hidden away in the far reaches of the Rim. But this colony was in turmoil. A ruthless leader was fanatically ruling the masses, thinking himself as the Emperor. This was Heliard Graves, another Clarke-clone. Clarke helped a group overthrow this tyrant, but in the ensuing battles, he received horrible wounds. He was badly scarred and lost a hand, which is now replaced by a cyber-hand. He was able to free the people of Rotut, and became a hero. He left the world, with promise to return with weapons and supplies to start his own Rebel faction. He left for Hoth to rendezvous with some old friends.

Through the year and a half that passed, the group’s importance to the Empire had faded. Most of them had been presumed dead. Bounties were dropped on most, as were any signs of Tremayne and his minions. After losing his flagship, he apparently fell back to regroup and build a new ship. The Dirty Pair saw no sign of Shasti, Bastian heard nothing from his son. Parax heard nothing from his brother, but continued to be tormented by the voices from Hyper-N-Space. He knew, though, that the Emperor knew of his existence.

The group was not expecting the epic battle of Hoth to force them back together. The Scout team was reassigned to fly snowspeeders, while the ground team was assigned to the trenches. The Dirty Pair and Clarke were told to help in the evacuation. The Lovely Angel was loaded with important cargo to be taken to Nar Shadaa. It was essential that this cargo got there.

The Seeker (the old Skipray Blastboat they’ve been flying and modifying since the Alderaan system) and Alex’s Z-95 were assigned as escort to the Lovely Angel, which brought the group back together. They set coarse for the Hutt main world.

Upon arriving at Nar Shadaa, the transfer of cargo was made. However, the transfer was to be a trade. The Hutt gave them more cargo, which they were to take to Galadinium himself, on his space station in the Wyl sector. This was convenient for the group, because they were heading for the Corporate Sector, which was near the Wyl Sector. When the Hutt was gone, they inspected the cargo out of curiosity. It turned out to be explosives of the same design as their old droid-friend’s legs. They had just started loading the dangerous cargo when a group of bounty hunters lead by saurian creature similar to Bosk. He was hunting a Jedi he had heard was aboard the Lovely Angel. A battle broke out, while a group of noncombatants hurried to get the cargo aboard , in a hail of blaster bolts. They were able to escape in one piece, leaving the bounty hunters behind to lick their wounds. They set coarse for the G-11 Space Station, Wyl Sector.

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