Beasts: The Reavis Bestiary

Beasts: The Reavis Bestiary

Hill Cat

Type: Large Carrnivore

Number: 1*

Move: Med 55

Im/RS: 6/55

Stamina: 125

Attack: +3 CS if undetected (from above).  Damage 2-20/2-20/3-30

Special Attack: 1d10 Sonic damage (screams on initial attack)

Native world:  New Scotland

The hill cat is a large mottled grey feline descended from house cats brought to New Scotland.  It has evolved to take the position of the moutain lion of old Earth, in New Scotland’s near-Terran ecology.

In twilight, pre-dawn, or shaded light conditions the hill cat is virtually invisible (90%).  It can move noicelessly (95%).  The beast is very agile and can climb trees.  Its’ preferred attack is from above.  It will hunt when conditions favor its invisibility.

* During mating season, groups of hill catsgather and will act (in all respects) like Terran lion prides.


Type: Small Carnivore

Number: 1-4 *

Move: Med/Very Fast

IM/RS: 7/70

STA: 55

Attack: From the air, CS +2 (check twice).  Damage: 1-10/1-10/2-20 (2-20 only if both talons hit)

Special Attack: during a dive, psionic scream 1d10 psionic damage.  1d10/2 for mentalists

Native World: New Scotland

Grey hawk-like creature.   Loves human flesh.  If more than two, the others will be young and only 25% chance to attack.  If a member of the party goes down, the young(not attacking) will land and attempt to feed.

*25% cumulative chance per round that another group will attack,  Maximum # attacking is 20.