Sessions 01 – 03: The Relay Station

Sessions 01 – 03: The Relay Station

Dates: 2/10/2010 to 3/17/2010

Where: Relay Sation, Mahg Mar, Waller Nexus System

Alternity System – Modified Black Starfall adventure

The crew of the Lancelot are hired by corporate entities within the Verge to act a supply run to the new relay station in the Waller Nexus System.

Eda Kreed – Human Female from the Rigunmor Star Consortium, captain of the ship

Chissa Bo – Fraal Male – Void Corp negotiator

Kima – Yazirian Male, a freelancer from the Zebulon’s Expanse

Cole Jackson – Human male. Hired gun from Austrin.Ontis

It is a time of change for the Concord and the Verge as first contact with a new region of space called the Zebulon’s Expanse, just beyond the Orion Frontier, has brought a new era of prosperity and intrigue, as well as danger and greed. Terrorists and fringer groups that oppose trade and contact between the two regions are abundant on both sides. Discover of humans in Zebulon’s Expanse created more confusion and conflict as Solar Humans wonder if these new humans are from Earth or some other home world like Earth. The Vrusks, the most powerful and eldest of the races in the Zebulon’s Expanse, are not telling.

In a few short weeks, the Relay Station in orbit over the newly discovered world of Magh Mar, will come online and make the fiest permanent drive sat connection between Zebulon’s Expanse and the Verge and the Concord. Of course, not all are supportive of this new endeavor as the crew of the Lancelot quickly discovered.

One trip Eda took while ferrying crew between the Outpost on teh surface and the station brought him to an interesting destination. Some scientists asked to be ferried fromt he Outpost to a location in the nearly hills where they detected alien ruins during a recent automated survey. While waiting for the scientists to finish their work, Eda noticed the strange crystalline structures through out the surrounding rocks and the ruins. The last thing she remembers is touching a particularly large vein of the crystals and blacking out. She lost several hours and only remembers waking up in the ship with the scientists around her.

Hidden amoung the construction crew of the Relay, however, were sleeper agents for some unknown entity – presumably Void Corp or Streel Corp. (a power corp in the Zebulon’s Expanse). These agents had a plan to infact the connection between the Verge and the Expanse wiht a virus. However, they too were compromised and a strange agent named Dregs, gained controll of the sleeper agents and used their plot fo rhis own mysterious purposes. How he knew about their plot is and who is really is are two separate and totally new mysteries.

Everything went black, giving the Lancelot crew the first signs things were going wrong. Gravity systems went down and the group had to “swim” to where ever they needed to go. The station crew they encountered acted erratically and attacked them. Once nuetralized, the group found strange indentations in thier forehead and back of the neck – like they were stung by something. They all acted automatons, serving some strange master.

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