06: The Shaking: City Tralas

06: The Shaking: City Tralas

Time Period: SW:ANH +8 months

Where: Planet Tresidiss, City Tralas

In order to accomplish the gargantuan task of destroying the ShadowChaser, the group was ordered by Rebel Command to travel to Tresidiss to retrieve a special droid. This droid held the complete plans and schematics of the ShadowChaser. They were to use them to determine the best coarse of action to destroy the ShadowChaser. They left the Second Chance in a safe area of space, and traveled to Tresidiss.

Tresidiss at the time of the Rebellion was just starting out as a Herglic crime-clan-ruled world, and the unwritten peace agreement with the Hutts was still far off. The Hutts resented the existence of Tresidiss. These were very tense times between the Herglics and the Hutts, and the only thing keeping them in line was the Empire. The planet itself was relatively young as far as planets go, and still very tectonically active. However, the Herglics have turned this to their advantage. They installed the best and most secure early warning system to predict the earthquakes and eruptions, so when they occur, these disasters turned into spectator-events.

The crew arrived in peninsula-city of Tralas, where they planned to spend sometime vacationing before finding the droid and leaving to rendezvous with the ShadowChaser. They visited the bazaar, perused the wide variety of merchandise, and visited the beach. There was a certain tension about the city and as the party found out, the city was a secret meeting place of a very special summit… all the Herglic clan leaders were meeting in Tralas that same week the player were there. This would be one of the factors that would make this no ordinary visit.

Tresidiss was a special place for one member of the group, and soon this would change his life. Bastian seemed to remember Tresidiss, and as things began to become familiar, he realized his adopted family, a once rich and prominent political family, used to have a vacation home here on planet, in City Tralas. In his search for the house, he found a communiqué left for him by his family lawyer. His adopted parents apparently had died in an pirate attack on a space liner they were aboard, and they had left nearly their entire estate to him for when he turns 21 standard years old… in another 4 years. His brother was left near-nothing.

All of the sudden, while all the party members were enjoying all that Tralas had to offer, offshore, they watched as several mushroom clouds rose from the water. This awesome site was quite surreal in nature and all were stunned by its destructive beauty. The shaking followed… Tralas was soon leveled by the severe earthquakes. The peninsula was separated from the mainland, and thus, the crew members from their ship. The city was sent into chaos. From the no dark dust-clouded skies, swarms of military transports came. Unmarked, and heavily armed, they began to round up all the survivors to central points in the city. These were apparently terrorists of some kind, on a mission to capture the Herglic leaders. This all an elaborate plot to discredit the Herglic early-warning system, and capture the clan leaders. It had to be Hutts.

The party members, spread out across this new island, set out to find their droid, get to their ship and leave. However, they found out that it was the droid they were to find that was used to break into the early-warning security system, and shut it down. They had to stop the terrorists in order to get their droid.

The terrorists were skilled but unprepared for the Dirty Pair and their friends. Bastian found the central command of the terrorists, which turned out to be his own family’s vacation home, while Mishavek and Parax searched from the droid. The others fought for survival, thwarting what ever efforts the terrorists were initiating. It was all over in a few hours, when the Herglic military was able to move in and stop the siege. The group retrieved their droid, and left City Tralas.

They traveled to City Hifferval, where they pushed to get their ship’s repairs finished. Word had gotten out that the Dity Pair was present when City Tralas was leveled and this was followed by the hype. This increased the group’s anxiety, because any attention would bring the Imperials, despite the Herglic agreement with the Imperials. However, someone wanted to keep them on Tresidiss a little longer.