Alien Race: The Syndari

Alien Race: The Syndari

By Wayne D

The Syndari are omnivorous hunters resembling Terrran felines. Bipedal, the walk on two legs, although they run using all four limbs for locomotion. All Syndari are covered in thick fur of varying color. They have a thick mane trailing down the back:: and sides of their skulls and necks. Syndari have short tails and claws, on their fingers and toes. Each paw possesses only four digits. Although Syndari resemble -felines, they are actually marsupial mammals. Females usually give birth to one kit, but twins are not uncommon.

The Syndari are, for the most part, a warrior culture. They enjoy physical contests, value fighting ability and resistance to pain. Trial by combat is common occurrence and justice is swift and final. Syndari culture is organized around a clan structure. An individual is loyal to his family first, clan second, and species third. The name structure of an individual is family name., given name, clan name. Clans can be allies or enemies, and there are cases of feuds extending back millennia. All Syndari clans are divided into five castes. These castes are as -follows: Hunter, Shaman, Artisan, Laborer, and slave.

Slaves are members of enemy clans that have been Captured in battle or raids or the descendants thereof. They are forced to labor in hazardous or menial occupations. Shamans are the priests among the Syndari; included in this caste are priests, scientist-priests and mentalist-priests. Hunters are warriors of all kinds, from high-ranking military to police and game wardens. Artisans are ‘the designers, makers, and creators-of Syndari society. They are architects weapon-smiths, technicians navigators, engineers, and all other-highly specialized or…,’highly technical professions. Laborers range from farmers and herders to truck drivers and holovision-camerman,

Syndari arer still a very primitive race, having been in their dark ages when they were contacted by a space faring race, theTrashak, who stole the technology from and subsequently destroyed. Not much is known about this race as the Shamans have deliberately destroyed most images and records oertaining to them. This was done during the first Syndari global conflict, by the clan originally contacted in an attempt to keep the majority of the technological information out of their enemy’s claws.

Eventually, the Syndari built a small empire of a dozen systems. Then came contact with the Draaka. After a very short and bloody war, many clans gathered what they could and assembled a rag-tag fleet to flee from the Draaka menace and through the Shatterzone.

Syndari cultural notes

  1. Syndari religion is polytheistic and animistic. It contains gods and spirits, from a creator god to individual clan gods, who are usually deified clan heroes, and spirits of nature and technology.
  2. A smile is a threat and twitching the ears shows amusement.
  3. A standard greeting is for an individual to clasp his wrists together and bow.
  4. Their mathematics are based on eight and they have trouble converting to decimal system.
  5. Homeworld: Synd.
    Race Name: Synidari
    Singular: Syndar (male)., Syndara (female)
  6. Hunters-and Shamans vie for control of clan politics. Some clans are ruled by shamans and therefore are more technologically advanced than those clans ruled by the Hunters.
  7. Members of different castes (except slaves) may marry. Children follow the caste of their same sex parent.
  8. All but a few clans are Patriarchal. Clans vary in respect to patrilinear or matrilinear descent.
  9. Among Hunters and Hunter controlled clans., the concept of life being a
    war is very common,. For example, if, one Hunter asks another “How’s life?”, it would be stated something like “How fares your war?”

Clan: Graafft
Ruling Caste: Hunter
Preferred/Original Habitat; Savannah/Plains
Coloration: Golden Yellow/brown
Patriarchal: Yes
Patrilinear: Yes

Clan: Kataar
Ruling Caste: Hunter
Preferred/Original Habitat: Temperate woodlands
Coloration: Brown and Yellow
Patriarchal: Yes
Patriline,-Rr. Yes

Clan. Ma’ak
Ruling Caste: Hunter
Preferred/Original Habitat: -Tropical rain forest
Coloration: Yellow and orange with black stripes or spots
Patriarchal: Yes
Patrilinear: No

Clan: Mordos
Ruling Caste: Shaman
Preferred/Original Habitat: Mountains
Coloration: Brown and grey
Patriarchal: Yes
Patrilinear: No

Clan: Nakta
Ruling Caste: Shaman
Preferred/Original Habitat: Desert
Coloration: Yellow
Patriarchal: No
Patrilinear: Yes

Clan. Pa’ka ssha
Ruling Caste: Joint
Preferred/Original Habitat: Temperate Swamps
Coloration: Green and brown with black spots or stripes
Patriarchal: Joint
Patrilinear: Joint
Notes: This clan honors both males and females for purposes of tracing ancestry, and is ruled by a democratically elected oligarchy. It has abolished al; castes and anyone may advance as far as their ability permits in whatever profession they wish. This clan is considered insane by all other clans and are avoided at all costs.

Clan. Sshokda
Ruling Caste: Shaman
Preferred/Original Habitat: Tundra and Arctic mountains
Coloration: White with grey spots and mane
Patriarchal: Yes
Patrilinear: Yes