The Thousand Blessings Temple

The Thousand Blessings Temple

Nestora, in Partora (39 on the map)

Once a temple of the old god Iidwis (God Of The Ocean), it is now home to the Guild’s sanctioned Faith.  Since the Guild’s have taken over, the old gods have been banished in favor of their more generic and “marketable” Faith.  Overseen by the diocese of the Clerics Guild (sub-guild of the Physicians), the Faith brings general blessings and spiritual healing to all those that participate (and tythe).

The Faith centers around the general belief that the gods can not be personified in the traditional manner but are in truth one generic collection of energy or force overseeing their creation.  The gods were actually great beings of immense magical and mental power that eventually ascended into a new being of energy and light.  Those of the Faith can seek blessings from this spiritual guidance from this force if they properly tythe.  The Thousand Blessings Temple gots in name when a wealthy merchant thought he needed a Thousand blessings and paid for each one in gold.  This merchant, it is said, lived long and prospered greatly, giving credence to the Faith.

Many believe that this stripping of their personifications have angered the gods and one day, they will return to take vengeance. Temples of the Faith must protect themselves from the proscribed Cults of the Old Gods, so they employ specially anointed guard warriors – the Shields of the Faith.

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