The Thrall

The Thrall

Species: Near-Human

Type:  Humanoid Mutant

Origin: Unknown


Documented Notes

Itwas once a man – a man of vice and indulgence.  This man lived the life of an addict in search of himself – addicted to every known drug to Natural and Breed.  That search lead him to Beirut, where a cocktail of Oriental drugs changed him forever.  It took him so far out that he returned to a body that had forgotten its sex, and was transformed into a semi-simian ‘it’.

It now resides in Midian, still pushing the drugs that it loves so much.  Sexless, the Thrall has only one thing to remind him he is alive – his substances.

Add-ins & Elaborations

The drugs he has pushing now are so beyond human comprehension.  They open holes to dimensions of the mind; allow Empathic abilities to surface where there were none; let one see beyond the vale of normal sight; allow them to search deep into the darkest being to touch their inner demons… and much more.

It is not known where he gets all of his substances, but it is known that he is an amazing chemist and alchemist. However, he doesn’t say he is working for himself and often refers to a “Benefactor” who supplies him with the knowledge and supplies to make these things.  Some say it is a bring he met during his “trip” that changed his body forever.

Natural Weapons/Abilities

Chemistry and Alchemy

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Poison Immunity, Drug Immunity