The Unrest in the Sovereignty of Man

The Unrest in the Sovereignty of Man

The Human sovereignty is hiding a secret that’s fighting to get out. Their intelligence organizations, the best in all the sectors, has kept a lock on specific information about the state of the Human sovereignty as a whole. In reality, the Human sovereignty is in turmoil and few know it. Since 172 Fy, the Human sovereignty has been in a state of martial law in many of it sectors because of rebel unrest. Many corporate-supported rebels have arisen against the Imperialist government, fighting a guerrilla war against the Human sovereingty’s finest Marines. In the beginning, it was a simple war; one side was loyal to the New Imperials, a faction threatening to regain the Terran Expanse’s grandeur that it was had; and the anti-Imperialists, those that fear and learn from lessons from the past and do not want to see history repeat itself. Now the corporations getting involved, with one thing on their minds; profit. Some actually try and support one side. Many see the New Imperialists as a threat; if history repeats itself, the corporations would collapse which usually is bad for profits. Others see a more short term view, like Instel. InstelComm Corporation, the megacorporate subgovernment within the Human sovereignty, is secretly play devil’s advocate. Profit is coming from both sides, and neither know that Instel is supporting the other. The balance is rolling the highest profits Instel has ever seen in a while.

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