The Unwinged

The Unwinged

Etyri, On Grail

Criminals and Outcasts

Criminals and outcasts of the Etyri, their wings are surgically removed as punishment for horrible crimes that even death is not good enough. They are banished to remote islands through out Grail.

On the Island of Dead-eaters, there are two factions:

  • The Golden Brows – A group of Unwinged Huar’Raughq and Chirikiti punished for war crimes and terrorism. A radical religious splinter group, the Golden Brows or just Golds were accused of attempting to re-ignite the war with the humans. The Huar’Raughq of this group resemble terrestrial golden eagles. They have a strict honor code that is enforced by the Gold royal guard, called the (roughly translated) “Those Who Enforce.” There are two sub-factions lead by two noble Huar’Raughq
  • The Black Plumes – Another group of Unwinged Huar’Raughq and Chirkiti. The Black Plume Huar’Raughq resemble a cross between hawks and crows. Their feathers are predominantly black, and it is said that their line crossbred with a now lost subrace of Etyri called the Xiri’Qha. The Black Plumes or simply the Blacks have been banished to this island for multiple crimes, the most heinous of which was operating a global slave ring, enslaving multiple thousand of Ghek-da’az. Once considered a power family within the Etyri society, the Blacks have been paying for the dishonor for many decades.

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