The Vast Expanse

The Vast Expanse

With all that I am merging into this version of Star Frontiers – elements of Other Suns, Alternity Star*Drive, and Shatterzone, I needed an area of space connected to my new Frontier map that allowed for many of the potential minor races as well as exploration of new worlds.  In the re-imagined map I created (shown above) in Photoshop, I left an opening beyond the Greater Morass.  I am not entirely sure I did that on purpose, but it is very convenient.  It’s a great opportunity to introduce some of the world concepts from the Verge into the Frontier.

The region of space that spans between the Yazirian Confederacy and the Vrusk Incorporation, that lies beyond the Greater Morass Nebula, is collectively called the Vast Expanse.  This is an area of space that the Vrusk left alone and never explored.  No one really knows why they left it unexplored as most believe they had more than enough time to do it before contacting the other races of the Frontier.  Many believe it was out of fear while others feel that the Vrusks wanted to leave it to the other races to explore.

The Vast Expanse contains fortune, danger and mystery.  The UPF Fleet as well as a few system government exploration corps have sent missions out in the past decade or some, some with surprising results.  The UPF Fleet have established a series of outpost along the perceived border and slowly expand these outposts as the exploration expands.  New threats have been encountered along this expanse, including the Klicks and the Kroath.

The overall plan is to eventually colonize it as a joint UPF region.  That vision continues to seem further and further off as they encounter more and more challenges.  Fear of another war has made the progress even slower.  Fleet has enforced strict protocols on corporate and system government exploration teams, in hopes of avoiding another full scale war like the Sathar War.

Known Systems in the Vast Expanse

Crepheus 5 –

Lora C56F –

LynchpinA K2 class star with one habitable planet in orbit – Moonworld.  The location of Lynchpin has remained a closely guarded Fleet military secret.  It is considered the military gateway into the Vast Expanse from the Corporate Core.  Limited corporate access has been granted to some military contract corporations into the Vast Expanse through Lynichpin.

Masa B48A

Rhianna – System Name: Rhianna. Star Color: Yellow. Habitable Planets (1): Alcazzar. Only one exploration route is available to reach the system, but the route is not yet open to commercial traffic.

Sigma Alpha 1 –

Streshan F305 –

Waller Nexus – Waller Nexus is a G0 category star. The planet Magh Mar is in orbit around it. Being only a recent discovery (during the Eleanor Moraes Expedition), Waller Nexus has only two subspace routes leading to and from it, though neither has been opened to commercial interests.


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